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7834Re: [UV-3R] UV-3R Can't PTT while receiving

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  • Ken Locke
    Nov 5, 2012

      If BCLO is on you cannot transmit if the radio detects any carrier (not just pl) on the receive frequency... BCLO off will allow transmit with any receive frequency condition..  sorry if you misunderstood my reply..

      - Brother Kenneth Locke
         Spectrum Communications

      On Nov 5, 2012 3:23 PM, "Geoffrey S. Mendelson" <geoffreymendelson@...> wrote:

      John wrote:
      > On my UV-3R, I the PTT is disabled when receiving a signal. This is
      > rather annoying as our repeater has a several second "tail" after a
      > transmission. This makes it pretty much impossible to break into a
      > conversation, especially when other participants don't wait for the
      > carrier to drop.
      > Sometimes I can get around this by turning the frequency to an adjacent
      > channel, flipping back, and hitting the PTT before it picks up the
      > current signal.
      > I haven't seen anyone else mention this and I was wondering if it's a
      > common issue or something specific to mine.

      It's supposed to work that way. It prevents you from keying up on a busy
      channel when someone with a different PL is transmitting and you don't
      hear them nor look at the busy LED.

      You can turn it off by changing BCLO (busy channel lock out) to off.


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