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7065Re: [UV-3R] Re: uv-200 and uv-3r and something else

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  • geoffrey mendelson
    Jun 3, 2012
      On Jun 1, 2012, at 7:37 PM, Leonard G wrote:

      > These radios would have a longer range and surely there must be a
      > need?

      Probably not. These radios are LMR (land mobile radio) units that just
      happen to have ham bands stuck in the middle.

      LMR is where they make their money. They sell as many radios as the
      can produce to Chinese LMR users. The Chinese are not afflicted with
      the "we are going to spend big and hold onto it until it is forced by
      the lawyers to upgrade" disease most westerners are. They are quite
      willing to buy cheap, use it until it breaks, and then buy cheap again.

      There is a CB band on 245mHz, and VeroTelecom (the maker of the UV-3R,
      but not the UV-5R) has announced a UV-X5, with it in addition to the
      regular UV-3R coverage. Whether or not it can be "hacked" to produce
      any useful results on 220mHz is yet to be seen.

      There is LMR activity on 220mHz in Asia (e.g. The Philippines ), so
      that may be possible.

      Low band VHF is pretty much dead these days, everyone has moved up.
      There are some single band Chinese VHF mid band radios which are
      popular on 4m in the UK, I don't know if they can be nudged down to
      6m. In most of the world 6m is a CW/SSB band with no legal FM activity.

      There has not been a ham band FM HT made in VHF low since Azden gave
      up around 1996. There are
      a few 29mHz Motorola MT1000's around and they are fairly cheap, as
      there are even fewer buyers.

      There also are 26-30mHz Chinese HT's on the market, but since they can
      be hacked to be used as illegal CB freeband radios the price is high.
      There is no LMR market for them.

      Geoffrey S. Mendelson, N3OWJ/4X1GM/KBUH7245/KBUW5379
      To put it in terms everyone understands, the US debt is over 150
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