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680Re: MAX1818

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  • Sebastian Weiss
    Jul 1, 2011
      You can sample this IC.

      + some Rs and Cs on a breadboard

      = ~0$

      --- In UV-3R@yahoogroups.com, "Lee - N9LO" <mr.olson@...> wrote:
      > I ordered a MAX1811 from Newark and got it for $3.48 but did not find out that I paid $8.16 shipping until they emailed the completed order to me. It got here today and I see why the high shipping cost. It came in a heavy padded envelope, anti-static bag, a 3" x 4" hinged anti-static plastic box which was lined with 2 pieces of anti-static foam. Wow. I was putting it into the charger without a board by attaching it to the glued in LEDs. I soldered the output wire on, the last solder joint, and afterward I must have wiggled the wire while putting the charger together and the output pin number 5 broke off the chip. Well, there is $12.48 down the toilet and I have leaned a valuable lesson. I now found the chips for $2.90 and a board for $0.50 and ordered 2 of each with $4.00 shipping for a total of $10.80. Here is where I found them.
      > http://www.futurlec.com/Maxim/MAX1811ESApr.shtml
      > Lee - N9LO
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