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6213Re: [UV-3R] UV-X4

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    Apr 1, 2012
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      Good deal John

      These little radios are excellent for the money, I really have no complaints,

      I was sitting here in my shack the other day, and I wanted to test the little earphone/mic, as a test transmission I called a buddy of mine on a simplex freq we use and to my shock he came right back. This was on 2 meters and he is about 5 air miles from here. He was on a simple dual band antenna up about 50 feet. We talked for a several minutes and I could work him on low power if I stood up. On high power standing up he told me I was over S7 on his rig. He did tell me the audio was a acceptable on the earphone/mic, but sounded better on the internal mic. Other than listening to UV3R on my other rig while it was on a dummy load and running low power on the UV3R, this was the first transmission for me. I use mine for listening. It really works great on public service. Rather than scan all of the 75 channels I have programmed in the rig, I have the county and city police set up using the priority scan and it never misses a beat. Since I got it in Dec it is on all the time I am awake. I find having 2 batteries and using the little charging tray for external charging is the only way to go. 

      I like it so much I ordered a second one, just in case ;-)


      Bill K4FX

      On Sat, Mar 31, 2012 at 1:00 PM, john berry <jbbr35487@...> wrote:

      Hi All,Well here in the UK I got this from, www.sinotel.co.uk..The radio came next day,also a programming lead and disc also arrived next day delivery (both registered post).The Radio performs better than I expected (Very Good)and no trouble with the lead and Disc !!.The programming is a different story,I THINK I've cracked the Manual setting
      and although the P/c program appears to work I have problems with it.I put this down to serious SENIOR MOMENTS,but not to worry it's all part of the FUN to me,hi,hi.I was impressed by the performance on 70cms,not used that band for 15yrs or more in those days with beams and SSB !!.However this little radio will connect me to a repeater about 15miles away from this room,not bad for a £40 Radio !!!.John G1WOS.Bristol UK.

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