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Re: [UTexasAmnesty] Amnesty International Meeting tommorow

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  • Matthew Bomberg
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 29, 2006
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      On 1/29/06, Yusong Huang <yusonghuang@...> wrote:
      I have been receiving double emails from Amnesty International...I have two emails with you guys: yusonghuang@... and yusonghuang@... please remove yusonghuang@... from the listserv.

      Matthew Bomberg <mbomberg@...> wrote:
      The meeting went really well.  We have selected 13 films to screen.  The five nights will focus on Latin America, Globalization, the Middle East, Africa, and Women's Issues. 
      We are still interested in screening your film.  We talked about screening it along with the films on Women's issues. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly fit in with any of the themes, but I think a link could be drawn between women and people on death row as vulnerable populations.
      Attached is the list of films we chose.  It may change some, as we are really heavy on Israel-Palestine films, and there are some concerns that "For a Place Under the Heavens" might be to senstive.
      I'm really interested in the documentary on Mexican immigrant labor.  Can you get in touch with that friend about showing his film?  And do you know how long it is?  Ryan's films probably aren't going to fit into our program, so don't worry about getting in touch with him.
      We should have the schedule finalized within the next few weeks, and will be ready to start with publicity then.  You mentioned that you have some contacts with the Chronicle.  Do you think you could talk to them about donating some advertsing space?  No rush on that, we won't be ready for it for at least a month.
      Thanks for all your help.  I'll keep you posted.


      On 1/29/06, Nathaniel Christ <underscore0609@... > wrote:

      How did Friday's meeting go?
      Do you have a schedule and/or list of films?

      I still haven't contacted Ryan Polomski (the Reed
      doc.). I will do so if you decided you want to see his

      Another friend of mine is also putting together an
      amazing doc. on Mexican immigrant labor in Mississippi
      chicken factories. His trailer is completely done. It
      might be interesting to play that in front of one of
      the programs.

      Lemme know what you think.


      Feel free to call: 210.884.8784

      --- Matthew Bomberg <mbomberg@...> wrote:

      > Our first general meeting of the semester will be
      > Tommorow at 7 pm in the
      > African American Culture Room in the Union.
      > Attached is the agenda for the
      > meeting.  See you there!

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