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      This was not now I would have liked to start the year, but such are the facts of life--it does not always play fair!  Drawing a blank for my first note to the Corps, I turned to the Dant for gentle guidance and suggestions.  And the rest is history!
      While this may have been covered prior, it is till needed to stress that one of the duties of any CO is to make sure that his/her Marines are recommended for the awards that they merit and deserve.  Here you will find some of the finer points of writing such a recommendation.  Not everyone will know of the actions of the members of your Unit and it is your duty to see that they are acknowledged for their actions.
      Writing Award Nominations for the SFMC
      (applicable to any other nominations also!)
      Jim Monroe, GEN SFMC, Deputy Commandant

      The secret to making certain that those deserving of recognition actually receive it is the proper writing of award nominations. No matter the award or the means you are using to call attention to a need for an award, the purpose of the nomination is many-layered.

      You must convey the significant information identifying the nominee. In our organization, both the FLEET and Corps, this means:
      a)      the nominee's full name as it is shown in the STARFLEET Database

      b)    the nominee's SCC number
      You would be amazed how often the SCC number isn't included in less formal nominations. It can not be stressed highly enough that no one in STARFLEET or the Corps is adept enough at mind reading to use it to divine details you forgot to include.

      You must fully identify yourself, i.e.:
      a)      your full name as shown in the STARFLEET Database

      b)    your SCC number

      You must clearly identify the award you are requesting for the nominee.
      You must clearly and completely describe what the nominee did deserving of the requested award. Be as specific as possible. “Joe is a great guy who helps little old ladies across the street” won't get very far. Joe would be better served if you wrote, “Joe spent the afternoons of 8 consecutive weekends at busy pedestrian intersections, assisting the aged and heavily burdened across the streets as their need arose.”
      You must tell us where this action took place, again being specific.
      You must tell us when this action took place, remembering to include not just dates, but times as well.
      You must tell us who was benefited by the action, again being specific to class/type of person but not, necessarily, names.
      You must tell us if there were any particular techniques that were developed by the participants to better allow the action to be taken.
      Finally, and this is as important as anything else in the nomination, you must show us how the details you have provided are applied to the requirements of the specific award showing that the action actually meets the award criteria.
      While nothing will ever guarantee that a nominee will receive the accolade you are requesting, following these few instructions will significantly increase your chances of success.  You, the writer of the nomination, are the conveyor of facts and deeds to merit the award being submitted for.  Be a good voice for your Marine!

      With a very hearty “Thank you” to the Dant for his gentle words of advice and guidance on this matter!!  He is the Past Master of this subject and to whom I bow.
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