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Fw: [SFI-l] 2014 Membership Processing Info

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    ... From: Matt Ingles To: sfi-l@lists.sfi.org Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 11:43 AM Subject: [SFI-l] 2014 Membership Processing Info
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      From: Matt Ingles <mp-vcs@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 11:43 AM
      Subject: [SFI-l] 2014 Membership Processing Info


      With the start of a new year and new administration there are a couple of
      items the membership should be made aware as it relates to the processing of
      their memberships so I hope this email gets passed on to all who need it.

      Effective today we have a new official address:

      PO Box 28
      Tilton, NH 03276-0028

                  In the coming weeks new membership application will become
      available on sfi.org, and a mail forward will be in place from 1/20/14 to
      1/20/15 but I would encourage all CO, to make note of the new address and
      pass it on to your crews.
                  I would normally say just update your copies of membership
      applications you have but with the change in rates you really will want to
      get rid of the old copies you have laying around and start using the new
      ones as soon as they are available. Once the new form is available I will
      let you know.


                  Due to the desire to use the 40th Anniversary Logo designed as
      part of the campaign the Membership Certificate has been delayed in going to
      the printer, additionally the Handbook needs to be update for the new rates.
      Both of these items should be done by the end of the month.
                  This means that all membership packets that are due to be sent
      out after Jan 1st 2014 will be delayed until the new material is available.
      Once the material arrives at the teams I will let you know, packets will
      then be produced and sent as fast as possible in the order they were
      received. The only exception to this would be if the certificates arrive
      before the paper material we would sent out the CD packets in order skipping
      over the paper packets.

                  Due to a higher then expected renewal rate in December,
      Laminator issues, and an over all very crazy schedule on my part, we still
      have a batch of about 45 2013 paper packets that are still being worked on
      by our Denver team but should be in mail by early next week. As we
      transition to a non laminated id card for 2014, some of you may end up with
      that style for 2013 as we have run out of lamination pouches and basically
      worn out the last laminator.

      2013 Reissued packets: During 2013 we have seen a higher rate of packets
      that have gone missing, as well as packets just taking longer to arrive, not
      sure what the reason is for this. Many of these missing packets are just
      getting reported now and we will do our best to get them resent as soon as


                  Please make sure you address and email address are correct in
      the database before submitting your renewal, CO's (and others who renew for
      someone else) if renewing for a member and you cannot see their listed
      address please list what you know to be their correct address in the
      Important Info Box. Listing the member's (being paid for) address under the
      shipped to portion of the paypal receipt is also very helpful.
                  This year we will be adding another person to the processing
      staff (VADM Bea Hart USS Sunflower) and while I have come to know many of
      you who pay for other by name and in some cases even who you will be paying
      for, Bea will not know that, so the more info we have in the Important info
      box the better when it comes to who is paying and the address the packet
      should be going to.
                  International members, most of you should be getting email
      notification as to when your packet is sent as part of the STAMP.com
      international mailing process provided of course if your email address is
      current, by all rights the form also asks for your phone number, although
      the form works without such info. I believe the reason for this info is so
      that you can be contacted should something happen with the delivery of your
      packet. I know that this info is not something you want to share but it
      could possibly help in getting you your packet. In addition I know our own
      database system is not always friendly in the way it handles addresses
      listing for international members, so if you could also list your address in
      its proper format in the Important Info Box that increases our ability to
      ensure an accurate address format is used.
                  Once we start sending out 2014 packets I am going to attempt to
      send email notification to all primary members when their packets are
      shipped, this of course will only work if the email address listed in the
      database is correct. It would also be nice to hear back when packets arrive,
      while I know everyone will not do this if at least some of you did it would
      give us better feedback as to real time it takes for packets to arrive.

                  If you do have any problems please let me us know right away,
      the best option is via email to mp-vcs@... that way I have the info
      written down and can easily respond at 1am if need be, the 888# is good but
      since my job transfer and promotion my free time away from work has become
      very sporadic, so I may not be able to take you call when you call.

      In Service to STARFLEET Members,
      Brigadier General Matt Ingles
      STARFLEET Membership Admin
      1-888-734-8735 opt:2
      <mailto:mp-vcs@...> mp-vcs@...

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