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Fw: [SFI-l] USPS Pickup and Delivery Delays and Issues

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
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      Subject: [SFI-l] USPS Pickup and Delivery Delays and Issues

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      Good morning,

      In order to ensure that we're all on the same page, this morning I made the
      ECAB aware of some problems that we are experiencing with the United States
      Postal Service.  Please be aware that this is something which we have only
      very recently become aware of.

      As I'm sure you all know and understand, STARFLEET sends membership packets
      and launch/commissioning paperwork through the USPS, and we are effectively
      at the mercy of their services.  We have recently discovered that there
      have been problems being experienced which are stemming from issues within
      the USPS.

      The USPS is very, very behind in collecting mail from satellite locations
      as a result of staff layoffs that they have been required to perform in
      order to meet their annual budget.

      As a result of a number of delayed or missing commissioning documents, Joe
      Sare, STARFLEET's Chief of Operations, had contacted and had a discussion
      with a local USPS satellite location that he normally deals with, and they
      had stated that there’s so much mail being held right now, and only a
      little going out each week, that we should expect delays through the end of
      the year.

      The delays and problems with the USPS do not seem to be limited to just the
      satellite locations, however.  When we were looking into the issue with the
      missing commissioning paperwork, Bran had noted to me that we have heard
      from several members whose membership packets took over a month (nearly 6
      weeks, if I remember the private discussion correctly) to get from the
      Denver Membership Processing Office to California.  This is mail that under
      normal conditions should take only a week or two to travel the same

      So, with that said, please be aware that I have instructed STARFLEET
      Operations that, from this point forward, any paperwork that is normally
      sent via regular postal mail is also to be sent as a PDF to chapters that
      are launching or commissioning.

      If you have recently joined or renewed with STARFLEET, and you haven't
      received your membership packet, we ask that you keep in mind that
      membership processing should normally take 6-8 weeks for processing and
      delivery, but as a result of these delays with the USPS, please allow for
      additional time for delivery of your packet.

      If you have not received your packet after no less than 8 weeks after you
      have renewed, please be in touch with the Member Services Help Desk by
      submitting a ticket request at:


      While the normal reaction to delayed paperwork or some manner of issue
      might be to automatically point the finger at STARFLEET and say that
      someone isn't doing their job correctly, I would ask that everyone keep in
      mind that, as everyone should well know, STARFLEET depends on external
      vendors as well as public services, both of which are outside of our area
      of control, and there will occasionally be issues that arise that may be as
      a result of those external vendors, as well as the possibility that one or
      more of our volunteer workforce is delayed due to personal matters or

      Everyone in STARFLEET works as hard as they can, and puts forward the best
      effort that we all possibly can, but sometimes things will arise that are
      out of our control, and I would appreciate that all of our members consider
      these things, and afford us all a little bit of latitude for the matters
      which we cannot control.

      Thank you.

      FADM Dave
      Commander, STARFLEET
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