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Fw: [R7_List] Come to Watkins Glen Weekend XXIV, September 27-29, 2013!

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
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      Subject: [R7_List] Come to Watkins Glen Weekend XXIV, September 27-29, 2013!

      Back in the days of Shuttle Odyssey, an internal splinter group of USS
      Avenger, we sensed a need to do something that had nothing to do with
      Star Trek. We planned a small hike at the Watkins Glen State Park, and
      we invited some fellow STARFLEET folks.

      Little did we know we'd someday be planning our 24th annual Watkins
      Glen Weekend. You should join us!

      That simple beginning has evolved into USS Accord's annual fall
      gathering, centering around a hike of the Watkins Glen State Park
      gorge trails, and good meals with friends. Watkins Glen Weekends have
      seen strong contingents from Adamant, Ascension, Avenger, Challenger,
      Jaguar, New Horizons, Shadowstar, Serling, Tanagra, Thagard, and
      Valiant, plus visitors from as far away as Los Angeles. 1995's WGW was
      the biggest to date, involving an estimated 95 participants over the
      course of the weekend. (It's usually a more manageable 3-4 dozen.)

      The weekend gathering is free, except of course for your own travel,
      lodging, and food costs. Even visiting the state park is free, except
      for the parking fee per car. (We car-pool.) Kids are welcome, and if
      your kids are even remotely cute, you'll likely find yourself
      surrounded by willing babysitters. The park doesn't allow dogs other
      than service dogs, though.


      Primary Hotel: Ithaca Airport Ramada Inn

      Room reservations will be accepted up to September 1, 2013. Our group
      rate is $119.95/night plus tax. If you will be arriving late, need a
      rollaway (extra charge), or need a first floor room, please mention it
      when making your reservation. After September 1, any remaining rooms
      will be put back into the regular inventory for sale to the general

      To reserve a room at the Ramada Inn, call 607-257-3100 or the national
      reservation line at 1-888-272-6232. Make sure to ask to be part of the
      USS Accord room block. You can reserve online at
      http://www.the.ramada.com/ithaca05091 using group code CGUSSACCORD.


      Friday: Casual afternoon gathering. We'll use the Ramada's lobby and
      lounge area as our "base of operations" from late afternoon on. You
      can meet us there, have a bite to eat, and relax with a beverage, etc.

      Fri. 6:00pm: Dinner at the Glenwood Pines. We'll be ordering from the
      menu, with each person responsible for paying for what he or she
      orders and eats. Please chip in if you share in appetizers, don't
      forget to add up everything you ordered personally, and as a good rule
      of thumb, add at least 25% of the total to cover tax and tip. Dinner
      here typically costs $8-15 per person; if you have $10 in your pocket,
      don't order a $8 dish and a $2 drink.

      Sat. 9:30am: Breakfast. If you're interested, meet for breakfast for
      something to eat before we get together for the Glen Convoy.
      Mmmmm...yummy. We recommend Ithaca Bakery (formerly CTB Appetizers or
      Collegetown Bagels) in the Triphammer Mall. Please plan breakfast such
      that you can be on time at the Ramada before 11.

      Sat. 10:45am: Gather for Glen convoy. Show up before 11am at the
      Ramada Inn parking lot on North Triphammer Road near the Shops at
      Ithaca Mall. Please be GASSED UP and ready to go by 11. We will leave
      directly for the Glen, do lunch at Burger King when we get there, then
      hike, which will take most of the day.

      After we return, there will be some quiet time to hang out at the park
      or clean up before....

      Sat. 7:00pm: Dinner plans to be finalized soon.

      Sat. After Dinner: Whatever you please. Go sleep off the food. Go to
      various pubs if you're over 21. There will probably be something for
      the under-21 crowd to do. Last year, many of us went to Purity Ice
      Cream for dessert.

      Sun. 10:00am-11:00am: Brunch at Ramada. Cost: $14 per person,
      including beverage, tax and tip. We really do need to know whether
      you'll be at brunch, so there's enough room for everyone who's coming
      and so we don't have to pay out of our pockets for those who don't
      show up!

      For more information and to RSVP, go to
      http://www.ussaccord.org/wgw.html (Please note that the web site is
      still being updated with this year's information.)

      CAPT Will Devine
      Commanding Officer
      USS Accord NCC-1842
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