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Fw: [Sfi-Announce-L] Job Vacancy Announcement - STARFLEET Holodeck Program Counselor's Lab XO

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      Subject: [Sfi-Announce-L] Job Vacancy Announcement - STARFLEET Holodeck Program Counselor's Lab XO

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      STARFLEET Job Vacancy Announcement:   The STARFLEET Holodeck Program is pleased to announce an opening for the position of XO of the Counselor's STAR Lab. 

      The STARFLEET Holodeck Program was formerly known as the STAR (STARFLEET Applied Research), FDC (Fleet Division Chief) program and FRC (Fleet Research Chief) program but recently has been reinvented to be more inviting and Fleet user friendly.  The HOLODECK Program is an outlet for members of STARFLEET to come and introduce an interest, activity or program that will benefit all STARFLEET members.

      The Executive Officer of the Counselor's Lab will be required to work directly with the Lab CO on all matters pertaining to the STARFLEET Counselor's Corps and have a sincere desire to actively work and contribute to the needs of the Counselor's Corps on a long term basis.  This member will assume the Chief Counselor's duties when the Lab CO is unable to perform those duties for any reason.  The XO should have both internet and Skype access in order to participate in monthly Holodeck Program conferences and to represent the Counselor's Corps thru email to all levels of STARFLEET.  Knowledge of website organization is a plus.  The Lab XO will be responsible for seeking and selecting Regional level Counselor Liaisons pending approval by the Chief Counselor and should be willing to actively canvas the STARFLEET membership for counselors assigned to chapters/MSGs as well as collecting information from Regional Liaisons each month for formulation of the Chief Counselor's monthly report to the Holodeck Program Director.  The XO will also have Counselor's website manager access to allow for  posting news updates and other pertinent information.
      Interested candidates should submit their resume to the STARFLEET Chief Counselor, Cyndy Cook, at: mailto:co@... and CC address adowling@...trekchristian@....

      This job vacancy announcement will remain active until said position has been filled.

      Cyndy Cook
      Chief Counselor, STARFLEET

      "The enemy is not always defeated by victory alone.  Sometimes you have to feed them!"
      You are invited to browse and become a member of the Chaplain Services website at:  http://www.starfleetchaplainservices.webs.com/


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