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Fw: [SFIElection2013] Looks like I'm being Drafted!

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Here is another person looking to run for CS - so far that makes two people looking for nominations. ... From: Richard Jolitz To:
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      Here is another person looking to run for CS - so far that makes two people looking for nominations.

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      Subject: [SFIElection2013] Looks like I'm being Drafted!

      I received an email a few hours ago notifying me that I've been nominated for Commander Starfleet. While I've talked about it for a few election cycles, It would appear that a long time member has decided to tell me to put my money where my mouth is.

      Reading the announcement by the one slate yesterday I was struck by something very important. It spoke about what we should do as a “corporation” but very little to do with what we should do as a Fan Club. Because at the end of the day that is what we are. We all belong to this organization because of a love of Star Trek and the ideals it represents. We also do this trek thing because we want to enjoy each other because of our shared interest. A chapter may come along and join Starfleet with an emphasis on model rocketry or because they like playing Starfleet battles, this adds a personal flavor to the chapter making this organization more diverse in a positive way.

      I believe it is time we get back to what this organization is all about. The membership and not the corporation.

      • The Communique

      We are all aware the Communique is extremely behind. I am sure this is being worked on but how many times have we seen this happen over the course of several administrations? It is my belief that the communique should be published on time, every time, barring situations that are beyond anyone's control. To have as much material about what the chapters are doing around the fleet is important, I know I enjoy reading the articles myself. However, that being said, I'd rather see it published on time with whatever is available by the time it needs to be at the printer to hit the mailing date to you, the membership.

      Never should you be waiting to see the communique show up nor should the communications staff be in the position of having to play catch up to this degree.

      • Membership Processing

      The getting out of membership packets has been discussed at various times. It was commented to me that we can not handle multi-year renewals due to database issues tracking memberships with the requirement that a new packet be sent every year. Along with how to deal with any membership dues increases that may come along.

      This is something that I want to see fixed as quickly as possible. It may require a change to the rule regarding packets. It may require us to finally address the ongoing database issues that seem to tie into this as well. If the membership wants to see the ability to renew for multiple years at a time, and I am personally in favor of it, this needs to be made to happen.

      As to getting membership materials out, a look needs to be taken at the actual average turn around times and ask the membership processing folks where we can make this more efficient for them. They will best know what we need to make their job more efficient.

      • Chapters

      We are about having FUN. It that means we need relook at the membership numbers required on a case to case basis then we need to do so. How many chapters, especially in rural areas, struggle to meet the ten minimum which end up being decomissioned or pad their membership numbers just to pad to just maintain a chapter in this organization they want to be part of. Should we not be finding a way to keep them with us instead of being concerned about a number that I feel is arbitrary? This we need to look at and finally realize that maybe the members of these small, struggling chapters need to come first.

      • A full slate

      Folks, we have many talented people that do a good job every day. I do not see a need to change the folks in place if they want to keep doing the job they have just because a new CS comes in. So yes, if I am able to garner enough nominations, I will not be naming a full slate. I'll hold up as one shining example our Academy Commandant – Peg Pellerin. Under her leadership, the academy is thriving and growing, and is a great resource for the membership to find something fun to do if they wish to take any of the courses.

      The only person that I am naming, and he'll probably grouse at me for using a little know, seldom used, reserve activation clause, is Peter Lutz. Pete and I joined Starfleet in 1986 and I know him to be direct, always say it how it is, and not one to hesitate to tell me when I'm off course. He has a passion for Fleet and more importantly, for the members.

      We are a registered corporation. We must fulfill our obligations with the IRS, state agencies, and any other entities whose requirements we need to meet. However, we need to get back to fundamentals.

      • Star Trek
      • Members
      • Chapters

      If we can't focus on these top three parts of our organization then does anything else we do really make a difference?

      Please feel contact me at northshorerich@... or privately if you have any questions or would like to know my thoughts on any specific issue. My door, as they say, is always open.

      Richard Jolitz

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