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New Star Trek TV Series To Be Pitched By Bryan Singer & Bryan Fuller

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  • Steven Worth
    New Star Trek TV Series To Be Pitched By Bryan Singer & Bryan Fuller? February 4, 2012 11:20 amMatt HolmesTV19 comments We ve wrote in the past about both
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      New Star Trek TV Series To Be Pitched By Bryan Singer & Bryan Fuller?

      February 4, 2012 11:20 amMatt HolmesTV19 comments

      We've wrote in the past about both Bryan Fuller (former Deep Space Nine & Voyager writer and creator of Dead Like Me & Pushing Daises) and Bryan Singer's separate pitches to try and get a brand new Star Trek series off the ground, both of which were ultimately scuppered by Paramount instead favouring J.J. Abrams' pitch for a big screen franchise reboot some years ago.
      Now according to Fuller who has spoke exclusively to AICN, the two Bryans as they are affectionately known having joined forces on a reboot of The Munsters
      which has just gone to pilot, may be about to pull their collective
      resources together again and use the power and clout they both have to
      pitch a new Trek series to Paramount and Abrams.
      "[Fuller & Singer] have discussed the possibility of
      pooling their resources to take a new corner of Gene Roddenberry's
      multiverse to the small screen. Hopefully J.J. Abrams and Les Moonves
      will give them the keys to Starfleet HQ."
      Now `possibility' is an awful long way for them actually `pitching' a
      new series but we could see this definitely leading to something. At
      the moment it feels like Paramount have an awful lot of faith in Abrams
      and are banking on him to guide the future of the series and they don't
      want to mess around with his vision when his films are bringing in $385
      million worldwide.
      BUT having said that, at some point Paramount will see that there can
      be more money made in this saga by expanding and I think sometime after
      Abrams' Star Trek sequel hits theaters next summer they will get around
      to it. Star Trek is such a huge saga, in some ways now even bigger than
      it ever was as Paramount have a whole new alternative universe to play
      with, or could set a series back in the old timeline to please older
      fans and not get in the way with the new one.
      Meanwhile, we also have high hopes in a new Star Trek series from
      David Foster who have has done hundreds of hours of work in his exciting
      pitch you can read HERE
      You can read Bryan Singer's ultimately rejected `Star Trek Federations' pitch HERE
      And finally, Bryan Fuller's pitch for Trek was to take the series
      back to the early days in tone, three years ago quoted as saying;
      "I told my agent and told the people of J.J. Abrams' team I want to create another Star Trek
      series and have an idea that I'm kicking around. I would love to return
      to the spirit of the old series with the colors and attitude. I loved Voyager and Deep Space Nine, but they seem to have lost the '60s fun and I would love to take it back to its origin."

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