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784Fw: [R7_List] 2013 Region 7 Award Winners

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Apr 30, 2014
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      Brigadier Kyle J. Wolf Sr. 751msg@...
      XO, USS Abraham Lincoln NCC 71809 - Region 7, NY
      DOIC, 751st MSG Lincoln's Raiders - 7th Brigade, 5th Battalion
      Director, Maritime Operations - SFMCA
      DOIC, 5th Battalion, 7th Brigade - SFMC

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      I'm proud to announce the winners of the 2013 Region 7 awards:

      Chapter of the Year- U.S.S. Challenger

      Flag Officer of the Year- Jeff Victor (U.S.S. Challenger)

      CO of the Year- Lisa Stuckey (U.S.S. Serling)

      Officer of the Year- Mary Ann Grate (U.S.S. Serling)

      Enlisted Member of the Year- Dominick Colamesta (U.S.S. Storm)

      Staff Member of the Year- Mike Stein (U.S.S. Justice)

      Shakedown Chapter of the Year- U.S.S. Moebius

      Support Chapter of the Year- U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln

      Website of the Year- U.S.S. Richthofen

      Newsletter of the Year- U.S.S. Avenger

      Chapter Charity Award- U.S.S. Susquehannock

      Helping Hands Award- Larry French (U.S.S. Inferno)

      Congratulations to the winners and much thanks to our Awards Director, Doris Hutley, and those judges that participated in this year's judging!

      Award plaques and/or certificates will be given out during the regional meeting at "Shore Leave".

      Vice Admiral Wayne L. Augustson
      Commanding Officer- U.S.S. Britannic NCC-71818
      Region 7 Coordinator
      Region 7, STARFLEET