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781Fw: [SFI-l] Change in Executive Committee

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Jan 24, 2014

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      Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 7:38 PM
      Subject: [SFI-l] Change in Executive Committee

      Dear Members:

      As you are all aware, STARFLEET is not just a fan club…but a corporation
      that must be handled professionally.  The running of this organization
      depends on leadership styles meshing and the leaders working together as a
      unit.  Sometimes, this works out and the leadership grows together.
      Sometimes, sadly, it is apparent that there must be a change made for the
      greater good of the organization.  As the line goes, “The needs of the many
      outweigh the needs of the few…or the one.”

      In life, we are faced with situations to where our hearts and our heads do
      not agree.  I would love to be able to always follow my heart…but that is
      not what you, the membership, elected me to do.  You elected me to use my
      head and to ensure this organization is run to the best of my abilities.
      That being said, it is my duty to notify you that a change is being made
      within the Executive Committee.

      This change is not being done lightly.  Several weeks have been spent
      weighing this issue and asking, “What is best for STARFLEET?”  After
      discussing this situation (one that has been growing for quite some time)
      with the rest of the EC, I feel this is the best decision for STARFLEET

      Effective immediately, Commodore Reed Bates has been relieved of her duties
      as Vice Commander, STARFLEET.  Issues arose prior to taking office, and
      more have occurred since.  I feel for my team to work together, we must
      have trust in each other and our abilities to better Fleet as an
      organization.  Sadly, at this time, we do not have that feeling with Reed.

      I wish the best for Reed in her future endeavors.  I want to personally
      thank her for her service to this organization and its members.

      The position of Vice Commander, STARFLEET is one that must be confirmed by
      the Admiralty Board.  Once this confirmation has been secured, I will make
      an announcement on the new VCS.  Until that time, Admiral Robert Westfall,
      as next in the order of succession, will assist me in handling all duties
      that would normally fall to the Vice Commander.

      In Service,


      Fleet Admiral Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., SFMD
      Commander, STARFLEET
      Commanding Officer, Retribution Station, SFR-1202
      Director, College of Medicine, STARFLEET Academy
      Toll Free:  1-888-SFI-TREK (734-8735) ext. 701
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