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779Fw: [SFI-l] State of the VCS Department

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Jan 14, 2014

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      From: Reed Bates <vcs@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 2:42 PM
      Subject: [SFI-l] State of the VCS Department

      Hello, my STARFLEET Friends.  Thank you for electing me to be your Vice
      Commander STARFLEET.

      I will get down to business.  Here is the status of the VCS Department

      My vice chief Jeremy Carsten and I have been very busy getting the VCS
      Department up and running.  At the time that the election results were
      announcement, there weren't any staff under us in the SFI4U plan, just many
      ideas to play around with, until Wayne Killough called me during the Austin
      Comic Con (Nov. 24), where I was running a recruiting table for Starfleet,
      and he decided that Membership Processing was moving back under VCS, along
      with several other membership positions.  Therefore, we switched gears into
      high, and began to change the VCS plan.

      This year started out with an overload of communication, because of wading
      through several months of VCS emails that were backlogged in the system,
      switching out email lists and passwords, and other electronic media contact
      changes.  It took a long time to set up filters and get the communications
      organized.  I am only just now beginning to be able to respond to emails at

      Currently, we are working with Matt Ingles of membership processing to get
      the lay of the land, and ideas for what he and his teams needs in the
      future.  We had a conference call with him last Monday, Jan. 6, and we look
      forward to assisting with the membership processing teams to service your
      memberships as fast as possible.  The MP P.O. Box has changed to be closer
      to Mr. Ingles, since he moved to a different state, so getting all the
      documents and procedures changed is a priority task.  We will also look
      into other ways to speed up the packet process to get them mailed to the
      members more timely.  The problems will not be solved overnight nor are
      they expected to be, but we all hope that they will smooth out in the near

      Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Matt, and to the folks he worked with over in
      CompOps, to bring the new membership rates and options online. That was a
      huge task to get done by the first of the year that the VCS and CompOps
      offices inherited. They were able to do this within the first few days of
      the new year and new administration, even as the rest of us were getting
      our permissions set up correctly. Great work!

      Also on Monday, January 6, we spoke with Orientation Director Jason Schreck.
      Mr. Schreck sends welcome messages to all new members, assists getting them
      their SCC number prior to receiving their membership package and ID card,
      and also points the members in a direction of a chapter near them. Jason
      stands ready to assist all new members.

      This week, we have scheduled more conference calls with Member Services
      HelpDesk Administrator, Melissa Hadley, and with the Commandant of the
      SFMC, Mike McGowan.  I look forward to their insight into their positions
      serving the Members.

      I am working on a separate post about PetFleet, which hope to post later
      this week.

      We have been in communication with all the old Holodeck program heads.  Most
      are coming back to our new STARFLEET Program Development Office, some are
      not.  We will also post a separate email about which programs and the
      details in the coming weeks.  If you have any ideas for a program to
      develop in STARFLEET, please contact myself and Jeremy Carsten, and we will
      assist you with your ideas.

      We are all working on reviewing and revising the Membership documents that
      are on the Membership CD, which are provided to all new and renewing
      members.  This is priority project for the VCS Department, as the CD must
      be maintained with the most current documents at all times so that the
      Members have the most recent versions as well.

      I am also in charge of compiling the Command Status Report (“CSR”), which
      is the monthly report of the EC Departments (SFI staff) to the Admiralty
      Board.  We are in the process of collecting each EC departments’ reports
      for the month of December and will compile them into the main CSR to send
      it to the AB before the end of the month. My goal for getting the CSR to
      the AB is by the 25th of each month.

      In service to the Members,
      Reed Bates, COMM
      VCS, STARFLEET vcs@...
      1-888-SFI-TREK (888-734-8735) Ext. 702
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