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778Fw: [SFI-l] CFO Office

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Jan 12, 2014

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      Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2014 5:23 PM
      Subject: [SFI-l] CFO Office

      For anyone interested, here is what the CFO's office has been up to
      since the first of January.

      On December 31 - trip to Bank of America to withdraw $3000 from the
      Scholarship CD that was up for renewal and deposited this amount into
      the Scholarship Savings Account to help insure that there will be enough
      money to issue the $5000 worth of scholarships when the time comes. 
      Also discussed the repackaging of the many different accounts that SFI
      and SFMC hold with Bank of America to help reduce the need to pay any
      maintenance fees in the future.  Also discussed the new requirements of
      Bank of America for adding the new CS and VCS to accounts.

      January 1 - Discussion of membership materials that need to be redone to
      include the new administration and new mailing address with Membership
      Processing and CS.
      January 3 - Processed 12 renewal and 3 new applications for membership. 
      Accepted delivery of 3 large boxes of Polo Shirts and One large box of
      Hats for quartermaster. Trip to Bank of America to begin proceeding to
      change administrative access to accounts  was told that additional
      information was required by BoA system before we could continue
      process.  Requested additional information from CS and VCS .
      January 4 -  Filed CFO report for December and both quartermaster
      reports for December.
      January 6 - Sent another request to VCS for information for bank
      accounts.  Processed 22 renewals and 1 new membership application.
      January 8 - Inventoried new Polo Shirts and Hats for quartermaster,
      worked with supply officer and CS to set prices.  Worked with Liz to
      place ad in the next CQ for new merchandise for Quartermaster. Added the
      inventory to the website.  Also worked on inventory of older merchandise
      for both quartermasters.  Discussed the database access request from CS
      for additional staff in membership processing.  Sent memo to L. Victor
      concerning the renewal of SSL certificate for database. Handled
      reimbursement for SFMC charges from last administration.  Processed 56
      renewals and 17 new membership applications.
      January 9 - Trip to Bank of America to order debit card and set up
      signature cards for CS/VCS, open an additional IC account and order
      debit cards for re-mailing of returned items in membership processing. 
      Accepted receipt of new Lanyards for the quartermaster store.  Received
      and forwarded notice from International Mailing Service concerning rates
      for coming year.
      Trip to Post Office to mail quartermaster packages. Sent check to M.
      Ingles as reimbursement for deposit on new PO Box for STARFLEET.
      January 11 - compiled numbers to file Sales Tax for 4th quarter 2013 in
      state of North Carolina and Annual Sales Tax and Use form for 2013 for
      the state of Florida.  I will file these before the 15th.

      During this time I have had two deaths in the family, one on Wade's side
      and one on mine.  One of these caused me to postpone a trip to the bank
      to handle the change over as the funeral fell at the same time as the
      banking appointment.  I would not have had the correct information
      required by the bank under their new system at that time.  The next trip
      to the bank was incomplete due to the banking officer handling our
      accounts was unavailable.  I will need to make another trip to finalize
      all the accounts for the new administration.

      Hope this is what folks are looking for from this department.
      Linda Olson

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