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774Fw: [SFI-l] How to help the CQ staff

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Jan 6, 2014
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      Subject: [SFI-l] How to help the CQ staff

      Hi, y’all,

      Senior copyeditor here!

      First of all, yes, we on the CQ staff are VERY aware of how late the CQ has
      been over the past couple of years.  As others have mentioned, part of the
      problem is Communications chief turnover.  Another part has been
      interference of real life, both on the part of the Comms chief and the
      staff, especially the layout editor, of whom we currently only have one (who
      has a full time real-life job).

      For instance, I told Liz (and Dave) that I would not be copyediting while on
      a CruiseTrek river cruise in France. <G>  (As it turned out, the wifi on the
      boat was sucky and I wouldn’t have been able to anyway.)  Other staff have
      gotten busy at work, been ill, had family emergencies, computer issues, etc.
      One of the things Liz, Mike G. and I have talked about is having more
      redundancy, so there are fewer (preferably no) points of failure to back
      things up in the future.

      BTW, I do want to recognize Dave Blaser who, though it was NOT his job as
      CS, leapt in and did copyediting, as well as monitoring the CQ mailbox and
      loading submissions into the CQ dropbox. He knew that help was needed to get
      the CQ back on track and he went several extra kilometres to try to make
      that happen. On a couple of issues, he and I were the ONLY copyeditors.
      (Thankfully, we have more now, and he didn’t have to mess with that on later
      ones.)  In fact, it’s HIS fault I became a CQ copyeditor, and now Senior
      copyeditor, in the first place.  Yes, I blame Canada!

      So what can you, personally, do to help us get it up to speed?

      As previously mentioned, we always need copyeditors, so we can spread the
      work around.  If you’re not comfortable with (or unable to use) Dropbox, I’m
      more than happy to send articles to you and have you send them back to me,
      so don’t let that stop you.  I have developed a brief test, with common
      errors, for prospective copyeditors to take.  It’s not that hard, but you
      ARE required to know Federation Standard English!  Just shoot me an email to
      cq-copy@... and I’ll send it to you.

      Another thing you can do is to FOLLOW THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.  Even if
      you have submitted before, please check the guidelines periodically to make
      sure you haven’t forgotten a step or that we haven’t added one.  The closer
      you follow them, the less fixing we have to do to get the article in
      printable condition.  I’ve had some articles take only 10 minutes to edit,
      and others  take a couple of HOURS to check, fix, remove formatting, remove
      jpgs, etc.  InDesign wants the information in a certain way, and it makes it
      a lot easier on the layout person if the data is already compatible.

      The guidelines are available at http://cq.sfi.org/wp/submission-guidelines/
      .  This link is also available at sfi.org > Staff Listing > Communications.

      Two of our most commonly encountered problems are:

      *Embedded pictures and/or graphics.  DON’T do this, please!  Those items
      should be sent separately.  If you want them in a particular place, you can
      note that (although the layout person may need to shift them).  Embedded
      items have to be removed, and often the quality suffers as well.

      *Formatting.  Don’t do this, either.  This includes using different font
      styles, indenting, centering, columnizing, line breaks, page breaks,
      proportional spacing, etc.  All of that has to go away.  So don’t spend a
      lot of time making it “pretty”, OK?  We appreciate your intent, but it
      actually makes it more difficult for us.

      Paragraphs are fine, but you don’t need to indent at the start of them. Not
      everyone indents the same amount, and InDesign will indent them all the
      same, later. Just put one space line between paragraphs, so we know where
      each paragraph ends.  Otherwise, your submission should be just one long
      stream of text!  In a MS Word .doc file, preferably, though we can also take
      .docx and Open Office files.

      Any questions, please feel free to contact Liz (cq@... or
      comms@...), Mike G (cq@... or vice-comms@...), or me (below),
      and we’ll be happy to work with you!

      Mary Kane
      Senior copyeditor

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