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772Fw: [Sfi-Announce-L] New Documentation Available: The Final Mission

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Dec 28, 2013
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      Subject: [Sfi-Announce-L] New Documentation Available: The Final Mission

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      Good morning, everyone,

      For those who have been to an International Conference, or watched via the web, and have been in attendance at The Final Mission, we now have a ceremony manual for those chapters, regions, brigades and for STARFLEET as to how to conduct and present the ceremony.

      For those who haven't been to an IC or watched via the web, The Final Mission is a ceremony that is held at the IC and some regional summits/conferences for STARFLEET and our members to pay our respect to our members, friends, family and others who have passed away over the course of the previous year.

      BGN DJ O'Brien of the USS Harry Mudd in Region 2 had developed and has been conduct the ceremony at a number of IC's and Region 2 summits over a number of years now, and I wanted to work with DJ to make this something that all of STARFLEET could do to remember their friends and loved ones who had passed.

      The ceremony manual and an MP3 of "Amazing Grace" used as part of the ceremony is available to download from the STARFLEET website at:

      I'd like to say a huge thanks to DJ for her work in developing the ceremony and for working on putting this documentation together for STARFLEET.

      FADM Dave
      Commander, STARFLEET
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