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768Fw: [SFMC] Request for Designs - SFMC Logo and Seal

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Dec 15 11:48 PM

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      Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2013 1:11 AM
      Subject: [SFMC] Request for Designs - SFMC Logo and Seal
      Mike McGowan
      Mike McGowan 1:11am Dec 15
      Request for Designs - SFMC Logo and Seal Marines, The SFMC Logo/Seal Selection committee has been hard at work, through some interesting technical difficulties, preparing to receive your ideas for our new SFMC Logo and Seal. We have set the following parameters: 1 - We need a logo and a seal. The seal MUST consist of the logo plus a border and background. 2 - All submissions become the sole property of the SFMC whether ultimately chosen for use or not. 3 - We will not allow this sort of thing to happen again. This means that once we have an approval of our newly selected logo and seal from the USMC, we copyright and, if we can at all afford it, trademark them ourselves. 4 - Nothing even close to anything US Military or any other real world military force 5 - No Paramount/CBS trademarked materials. 6 - Submissions must be no smaller than 1200 pixels in the smallest dimension. Not larger than 5MB file size. Submitted in one of the following file formats; PNG, EPS, JPG, PSD, AI, SVG or TIF. 7 - Logos must contain all of the following design elements to be considered: a - Something to connect us to the sea (anchor, wheel, mer-goat, etc.) b - Something to connect us to space (starfield, or something along those lines) c - A wreath of laurels d - The words "STARFLEET MARINES" all caps. 8 - Submissions must be by way of the address specially created for the purpose: sfmclogodesign@... . Anything sent through other means has not been submitted and will not be considered. 9 - Submissions will be accepted by the committee until 28DEC2013 at 2359hrs (CST). Submissions received after that time will not be considered. 10 - Designers should be mindful that designs may be edited by the Committee to suit the Corps' needs or may, at the discretion of the Committee be sent back to the designer for alterations. Mike -- Michael McGowan GEN, SFMC

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