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763Fw: Warm Up With the Washingtons

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Nov 25, 2013

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      Subject: Warm Up With the Washingtons

      The Palisades Parks Conservancy


      Palisades Interstate Park Commission

      Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site

      Warm Up at the Washington's: December 8, 2013

      Welcome in your holiday season with 18th Century flair. Come visit Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site and Warm Up At The Washingtons on Sunday, December 8th, 12:00-4:00 PM. Put aside the
      usual routine of noisy partying, crowded stores, frenzied gift wrapping and hand-cramping card writing. Step back in time to a quiet, quaint and completely charming afternoon, much like the kind General and Mrs. Washington observed during the yuletide of 1782.

      Walk through the seasonally decorated rooms of the historic headquarters inhabited by the Washingtons for 16 ½ months, while you are serenaded by the Salmagundi Consort. Historic interpreters will be in each room to answer questions and offer an overview about what you are seeing and how life was at that time during the winter of 1782. Finish your visit by an outdoor fire sipping hot cider and sampling cookies. Admission is free for the one day, compliments of the Friends of the State Historic Sites of the Hudson Highlands. Call 845-562-1195 for details and directions.

      The Palisades Parks Conservancy
      Administration Building
      Bear Mountain, NY 10911

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