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762Fw: [Corps-l] IC2015: What's the latest news?

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Nov 24, 2013

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      Heya folks,

      Here's a quick update on what's happening with IC2015:

      - The hotel and conference center contracts have been received, reviewed
      and signed by STARFLEET at the end of October.  As has previously been
      noted, IC2015 will be taking place at the Conference & Event Center Niagara
      Falls, and our guest rooms will be across the street at the Sheraton at the
      Falls, both in Niagara Falls, New York.

      - We've got our Facebook page set up and are starting to post information,
      pictures, and videos from around Niagara Falls to give you a preview of
      some of the things you'll be able to see and do at IC2015.  Our Facebook
      page is located at:


      Please feel free to come by and Like our page if you're on Facebook.  If
      you're not, the page is still viewable, you can still get the latest info
      there.  We're still working on the full website, so that'll be coming in
      the future.

      - We're just about ready with our registration system, we're just waiting
      on a couple of issues with PayPal.  We'll be using a registration service
      called "Event Brite" (a tip of the hat to both Matt Moyer and Aaron Murphy
      for giving us the idea to use this service.)  Once the issues with the
      PayPal account have been fixed up, we'll be up and running and ready to
      take registrations!

      - We're working with the hotel on getting the room block set up now for
      bookings.  They're also setting up a page on the web for us so that you can
      book hotel rooms online.  Once things are sorted out, we'll be posting more
      details about the hotel.

      - It came down to two very worthwhile choices, but in the end we've
      selected the Space Camp Scholarship Fund to be our charity for IC2015.
      What's better is that the people at Space Camp remember STARFLEET from
      past donations that have been made to them by both STARFLEET and various

      If anyone has anything that you'd like to donate to the IC2015 Charity
      Auction, please drop me a line at ic2015@... and we can discuss & make

      - With thanks and very much appreciation to Jeff Higdon and his team, we'll
      be hosting a Hospitality Suite at IC2014 in Rockford, Illinois.  Come on
      out to IC2014, stop by the hospitality suite and talk with us, and find out
      more about IC2015.  We're going to try and have a few tastes of the Niagara
      region there, along with some pictures and videos of the area.

      More updates will be sent out as they're available.

      Thanks, and we'll see you at IC2014 and IC2015!

      IC2015 Chair

      *"If there's nothing wrong with me... maybe there's something wrong with
      the universe!" - Dr. Beverly Crusher*
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