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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Oct 23, 2013

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      Subject: Special Lecture
      The Palisades Parks Conservancy

      Margaret Corbin’s Legacy of Service:
      From the Battle of Fort Washington to West Point

      Thursday, November 14th, 7 P.M.

      Margaret Corbin, known as Molly, Captain Molly and sometimes as Molly Pitcher, served with the Continental Army in one form or another from 1776 to 1783. Though often confused with the Molly Pitcher of the Battle of Monmouth, whose story may actually be more mythic than factual, Molly Corbin’s story, while less well known, is documented fact, and is a tale of heroism and suffering.

      Using a mix of American, British and Hessian documents, journals, paintings, sketches and maps, historian and author Francis C. Licameli follows Molly Corbin’s journey: her traumatic childhood, the death of her husband and her wounding during the fierce battle for Fort Washington and Fort Tryon, as a prisoner of war, as a serving disabled veteran at West Point, her last years and her recent history and recognition. Her story is one that veterans will understand and everyone should appreciate.

      PLEASE NOTE: Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Thursday Night Speaker Series seating is by reservation only and is limited to the first 50. You may reserve seats by calling 845-446-2134.

      The Palisades Parks Conservancy
      Administration Building
      Bear Mountain, NY 10911

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