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748Fw: [Sfi-Announce-L] Announcing IC 2015

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  • Kyle J. Wolf
    Sep 27, 2013

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      Subject: [Sfi-Announce-L] Announcing IC 2015

      The selection process is over, and it's time to announce the location for STARFLEET's 2015 International Conference! Normally, we try to announce each winning International Conference bid at the IC two years prior, so we would normally have announced IC 2015 at IC 2013 in Dallas. However, a few factors conspired to delay the process, including the hotel selected by one bid team deciding late in the process to stop being a hotel, if you can believe it!

      My sincere thanks to all of the teams who bid on IC 2015, including a couple of late entrants that responded to our pleas for additional bids. We ended up with some very attractive proposals, and I'm grateful for all the effort people put into this process.

      But, we only have one International Conference per year, and so we must select one host and venue. It's my pleasure to announce that the site of the 2015 International Conference will be Niagara Falls, New York. Niagara Falls is a tremendously popular tourist destination that spans two nations, with adjacent communities in Ontario, Canada and Western New York.

      IC'15 will be held at the Conference & Event Center Niagara Falls, with guest rooms at the adjacent Sheraton at the Falls Hotel. The IC is being hosted by a team that includes USS Hadfield, USS Niagara, USS Serling, and USS Accord, making it truly an International Conference. Of course, since we'll be right next to an international border, I'd encourage all U.S. members who don't already have a passport to make sure they get one between now and then. The event will be entirely within the U.S., but it's a great opportunity to pop across the border into Canada, even if it's only to walk on the bridge near the Falls.

      The IC 2015 team is working on a web site, which should be available shortly, and they'll be making their own announcements before long. Usually, the IC teams have several weeks between being notified they've been selected and the public announcement, but in this case it's just been hours, so we should be patient and let them set things up in the coming days.

      General Mark H. Anbinder                      http://www.ussaccord.org/
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      STARFLEET International Conference Liaison    Ithaca, New York USA


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