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8Re: Potential Newsletter Article about this list

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  • denise.wells
    Jun 16, 2007
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      Ray, thank you for your kind words.

      --- In USGenWebCCSharing@yahoogroups.com, Ray Blaum <bucknhappy@...>
      > Denise,
      > Picky - picky - picky. That's what some people are. I say, if
      it helps the genealogy community - why not do it? I'm with you.
      JFDI! (Just f - - king do it!) I personally don't care if you were
      promoting something (which you are not) - you are doing this for free
      and I appreciate it.
      > Thanks,
      > Ray Blaum
      > Hinsdale County, Colorado CC
      > "denise.wells" <dawells2@...> wrote:
      > I have been basically told that it is inappropriate for
      me to post an
      > article in the USGenWeb Newsletter about this mail list since I am
      > the editor and it is promoting a personal project of my own to do
      > so. I don't get how I would be personally gaining from this mail
      > list. My whole intention is that the USGenWeb coordinators GAIN
      > this mail list. Not me.
      > I am not sure how I feel about the response I got. Some of you may
      > know who would address this issue to me; others of you may not. I
      > have also been accused of the Newsletter allowing the promotion of
      > personal project headed by Daryl Lytton's, the US Search project.
      > I have no personal investment in or interest in or any financial
      > interest in any project that I work with on USGenWeb. If I wanted
      > promote myself as a Professional Genealogist that works for hire
      > posted that in the newsletter or one of my sites looking for
      > that would be one thing. Everything I have done for USGenWeb has
      > been to make a difference for others. I greatly resent the
      > implication that I am promoting my own or another committee
      > projects as a misuse or abuse of my position. IF that is the case,
      > why do we have spotlights, promoting different counties' sites, or
      > information about the FGS or any other particular site. My
      > is never to push MY project or any other staff member's project
      > makes a difference for others OVER anyone else's projects designed
      > make a difference for others in genealogy research, and especially
      > for USGenWeb members. I could see that, if I was pushing my own
      > sites outside of USGenWeb, of which I have several. I have sites in
      > ALHN, AHGP, WorldGenWeb also. I am the MediterraneanGenWeb regional
      > host for WorldGenWeb. Do I promote that? Do I push ALHN, AHGP, or
      > anything else? Nope. I am interested in promoting anything inside
      > USGenWeb that makes a difference for our coordinators and that
      > from any of our USGenWeb coordinators. Does that mean I can't tell
      > anyone about something I am committed to just because I started it?
      > I guess I should have talked to and/or coerced someone else to
      > this list. Then I wouldn't be going through this accusation of a
      > misuse and abuse of my position as the Editor.
      > Why should this be a no-no? What am I gaining? What am I providing
      > for others? How do you feel? Please let me know if you think I am
      > abusing my position. I want USGenWeb members to have access to
      > anything that makes a difference for them in the work on their
      > sites. Why, because I thought of it and created this list, should I
      > be blackballed from making it known to help others?
      > I would like to hear from those of you who have already joined this
      > list as to how you feel about this issue.
      > Thank you.
      > Denise Wells
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