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7Re: [USGenWebCCSharing] Potential Newsletter Article about this list

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  • Ray Blaum
    Jun 16, 2007
      Picky - picky - picky.  That's what some people are.  I say, if it helps the genealogy community - why not do it?  I'm with you.  JFDI!  (Just f - - king do it!)  I personally don't care if you were promoting something (which you are not) - you are doing this for free and I appreciate it.
      Ray Blaum
      Hinsdale County, Colorado CC

      "denise.wells" <dawells2@...> wrote:
      I have been basically told that it is inappropriate for me to post an
      article in the USGenWeb Newsletter about this mail list since I am
      the editor and it is promoting a personal project of my own to do
      so. I don't get how I would be personally gaining from this mail
      list. My whole intention is that the USGenWeb coordinators GAIN from
      this mail list. Not me.

      I am not sure how I feel about the response I got. Some of you may
      know who would address this issue to me; others of you may not. I
      have also been accused of the Newsletter allowing the promotion of a
      personal project headed by Daryl Lytton's, the US Search project.

      I have no personal investment in or interest in or any financial
      interest in any project that I work with on USGenWeb. If I wanted to
      promote myself as a Professional Genealogist that works for hire and
      posted that in the newsletter or one of my sites looking for clients,
      that would be one thing. Everything I have done for USGenWeb has
      been to make a difference for others. I greatly resent the
      implication that I am promoting my own or another committee member's
      projects as a misuse or abuse of my position. IF that is the case,
      why do we have spotlights, promoting different counties' sites, or
      information about the FGS or any other particular site. My intention
      is never to push MY project or any other staff member's project that
      makes a difference for others OVER anyone else's projects designed to
      make a difference for others in genealogy research, and especially
      for USGenWeb members. I could see that, if I was pushing my own
      sites outside of USGenWeb, of which I have several. I have sites in
      ALHN, AHGP, WorldGenWeb also. I am the MediterraneanGenWeb regional
      host for WorldGenWeb. Do I promote that? Do I push ALHN, AHGP, or
      anything else? Nope. I am interested in promoting anything inside
      USGenWeb that makes a difference for our coordinators and that comes
      from any of our USGenWeb coordinators. Does that mean I can't tell
      anyone about something I am committed to just because I started it?
      I guess I should have talked to and/or coerced someone else to start
      this list. Then I wouldn't be going through this accusation of a
      misuse and abuse of my position as the Editor.

      Why should this be a no-no? What am I gaining? What am I providing
      for others? How do you feel? Please let me know if you think I am
      abusing my position. I want USGenWeb members to have access to
      anything that makes a difference for them in the work on their
      sites. Why, because I thought of it and created this list, should I
      be blackballed from making it known to help others?

      I would like to hear from those of you who have already joined this
      list as to how you feel about this issue.

      Thank you.
      Denise Wells

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