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  • denise.wells
    Jun 12, 2007
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      To those of who you have just joined. We are now at 8 members, so
      please bear with the meagerness of the site to start with. For those
      who have not seen the first message I posted, I'll repeat here.

      I want to welcome you to a new list and an experiment in hopefully
      helping other CC's. The ones who cannot find material for their site
      or do not have access or don't have ideas about how to get materials
      for their sites.

      Please share how you have gotten materials for your sites so that
      others may learn.

      Please do not suggest inappropriate, illegal, copyright infringement
      types of ways to obtain materials.

      Let's help our CC's to either obtain materials on their own, or give
      direction to them on how they can obtain the materials, or whether or
      not you have materials that you could donate to that Coordinator to
      place on their sites.

      And thanks for joining.