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Democrats Showing They are Party of Extremists

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    GOPUSA News UpdateTuesday, November 1, 2005 From the News Desk... Democrats Showing They are Party of Extremists Leave it to the Democrats to talk one way, yet
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      GOPUSA News UpdateTuesday, November 1, 2005
      From the News Desk...

      Democrats Showing They are Party of Extremists

      Leave it to the Democrats to talk one way, yet act another. Following the withdrawal of Harriet Miers from consideration to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Democrats went on the offensive, saying that the nomination was brought down by "right wing extremists." Now, the nominee is Judge Samuel Alito, and it is the Democrats who are resorting to the politics of extremism.

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      Today in The Forum

      As Democrats Lead Opposition, GOP Moderates May Control Vote
      Reporter: Not Sure Libby Perjurer
      House Panel OKs School Lunch Funding Cut
      Hutchison, DeLay Cases Have Parallels
      Chertoff: Preparedness Depends on People

      Latest from The Loft

      Miers to Alito by Rachel Alexander
      Samuel "Scalia" Alito for nomination to the Supreme Court now that Harriet Miers has withdrawn. Alito was the #2 choice when Roberts was selected, so this came as little surprise to conservative insiders.

      New Power Rankings Up! by Bobby Eberle
      Political Derby has just updated its Presidential Power Rankings. Please check it out!

      Opinion Central

      Fishing License Indictment
      By Thomas Sowell
      We have been hearing for a long time what a terrible thing it is to reveal the name of a covert C.I.A. agent -- and it is a terrible thing because that can be a life-and-death situation for the agent exposed and a devastating setback for this country's ability to get people in other countries to supply intelligence.

      The Next Conservatism And National Defense
      By Paul M. Weyrich
      Conservatives have always been for a strong national defense.

      In Support Of School Vouchers For New Orleans Children
      By Star Parker
      Alleged foot dragging in aid and rescue efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina led to charges of racism, particularly aimed at the Bush administration.

      Lame Duck Blues
      By Doug Patton
      George W. Bush has spent the last four years and nine months in Washington ignoring Harry Truman's warning.

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      Today's Other Headlines
      Joe Wilson: I'm No 'Commie Liberal Sympathizer'
      Former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, conducting another round of media appearances related to the leaking of his wife's CIA cover, used a National Press Club appearance Monday to assert that he is no "commie liberal sympathizer."
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      Adv: Are You Fat?
      If you are overweight and just feel no diet works, take heart ... Dr. Russell Blaylock's reveals in his new Blaylock Wellness Report the real reason America has an obesity problem. Our food and water, Dr. Blaylock says, is filled with toxic additives causing numerous health problems, including weight gain. Even diet soda makes you gain weight! Dr. Blaylock reveals what foods to avoid -- and common sense ways to lose weight permanently!
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      Alito's Views on 'Precedent' Take Precedence With Specter
      "We'll be interested in Judge Alito's views on following precedent," Sen. Arlen Specter, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said on Monday during a photo-op with newly nominated Supreme Court justice.
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      Alito Pick 'Capitulation,' Not 'Leadership,' Dean Says
      The head of the Democratic Party Monday said by nominating "extreme conservative" Samuel Alito as Supreme Court justice, President Bush is capitulating to conservatives to make up for the "ethical problems his White House is facing."
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      Beheading of Christian Schoolgirls Sparks Concerns About Religious Strife
      Indonesian security forces remained on high alert and religious leaders appealed for calm in the nation's Central Sulawesi province following the beheading of three Christian schoolgirls at the weekend.
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      New CBS News Head Must Beat Boredom and Bias, Analysts Say
      The new president of CBS News wants to revive the network's news operation, but according to some analysts, he must first overcome two major obstacles: boredom and bias.
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      'Stop Alito' Petitions Circulating
      A liberal advocacy group that opposes conservatives in general and the Bush administration in particular is launching a "Stop Alito" campaign.
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