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  • Let's Roll - John Graham
    To view this e-mail as a Web page, go here. Thank you again for supporting the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). We rely on individuals like you
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      To view this e-mail as a Web page, go here.
      Thank you again for supporting the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). We rely on individuals like you to support our efforts and are proud to have you on our team.
      The past two weeks have been bad for Democrats running for U.S. Senate. John Kerry was caught fudging the truth, it was revealed that Al Franken neglected to pay $70,000 in taxes to 17 states, the DSCC's top recruit in Oregon continues to struggle in the Democrat primary, and more.
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      Latest Videos

      John Kerry Responds - Minus The Truth
      Two weeks ago, the NRSC congratulated Democrat Senator John Kerry on the nine year anniversary of the last time he introduced a bill that actually passed into law. Kerry's campaign responded with a list of legislation that they claimed were "... just some of John Kerry's major legislative accomplishments these last years."

      The truth is John Kerry has nothing to show for all of his "working hard" claims.
      Watch the video.

      Jim Slattery: Home On The Range?
      The Kansas Republican Party released a Web ad this week hitting lobbyist-turned Democrat Senate candidate Jim Slattery for his record: Lobbyist, Failed Candidate, Opportunist.
      Watch the video.
      New On The NRSC Blog

      Sen. Gordon Smith's First TV Ad, posted 4/30

      Mike Johanns: Proven. Tested. Trusted., posted 4/30

      Al Franken's Credibility Completely Evaporates, posted 4/30

      Landrieu Taps Ethically Tainted Money?, posted 4/29

      Oregon's Largest Daily Newspaper Snubs DSCC's Top Recruit, posted 4/28

      New Chapter For "Lies And The Lying Liars Who Tell Them"?, posted 4/24

      NRSC Welcomes Bloggers, posted 4/23

      Mark Udall And Tom Allen Support Tax Breaks For Illegals, posted 4/22

      Just The Facts On Mark Begich, posted 4/21
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      In The News

      Sen. Sununu: Protecting Our Environment The NH Way, posted 4/30

      Franken Owes $70,000 In Back Taxes In 17 States, posted 4/29

      McConnell Says He's Ready To Take Fight To Democrats, posted 4/27

      Business Mishaps Threaten Franken Campaign, posted 4/25

      GOP Attack Ad Takes Aim At Obama's Past, posted 4/23

      Risch Beats LaRocco In Fundraising, posted 4/16

      Franken Concedes Error on Workers' Comp Rules, posted 4/16
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      Currently serving as Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, Jim Risch has worked to provide tax relief to Idahoans, worked to reorganize the Department of Health, and continually developed economic initiatives within the state. Jim is a small business owner, successfully running his own ranch and farm. He understands the needs and risks it takes to run a business. When elected to the U.S. Senate, Risch will be a strong conservative who will fight for Idaho values at the national level.
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