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Do THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A DEATH WISH? (Kerry under the microsco...

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    DO THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A DEATH WISH? (Kerry under the microscope) NY POST ^ | February 1, 2004 | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR I keep reading about Massachusetts Sen.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      DO THE DEMOCRATS HAVE A DEATH WISH? (Kerry under the microscope)
      NY POST ^ | February 1, 2004 | LETTERS TO THE EDITOR

      I keep reading about Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's vast foreign policy experience ("Democratic Death Wish," Jan. 28). But what kind of experience is it? As far as I can tell, Kerry has been wrong about every major issue of American foreign policy for the last 20 or so years. In the 1980s, he ardently backed the so-called "nuclear freeze" movement and seems never to have seen a concession to the old Soviet Union he didn't like. He opposed President Reagan's program of peace through strength.
      He characterized President Reagan's liberation of Grenada and rescue of imperiled American medical students there as "a bully's show of force against a weak Third World nation." In his first Senate campaign in 1984, candidate Kerry said he would have voted to cancel a host of weapons systems, and he advocated reductions in many other systems during his time in Congress. If this is foreign policy experience, God save us from President Kerry. John Barnes Manhattan
      Your editorial only goes to show how desperate The Post is to avoid the real issue that will dominate the 2004 election: the economy. It's the issue that always has dominated, and it always will. And so far, Bush has been doing a lousy job. Sure, jobs have been created in the last few months. But these have been minimum-wage jobs. If the Republicans want to stay in the White House, they better get their heads out of the sand. Jeff Boyle Manhattan
      Despite Kerry's Vietnam service, his actions after his return raise questions about his fitness to be commander-in-chief. Kerry led his fellow Vietnam Veterans Against the War in throwing away their hard-won war medals in a rally on the Capitol Mall in Washington, as Viet Cong flags flew in the background. But nobody was aware that the medals he threw away were borrowed. His medals, it turned out, would end up framed on his office wall where they would be politically useful. Daniel Sobieski Chicago, Ill.
      This election may indeed be about national security. But if that's the case, why would Bush hold the trump card? Osama bin Laden is still at large. Al Qaeda still functions. Meanwhile, Bush focuses on Iraq and nation-building. I welcome new ideas on securing our country, as opposed to pretending that we're safe because we deposed someone who did not attack us in the first place. Our real attackers are still at large. Suzanne Hayes Manhattan
      Hurray for Kerry's emerging status as the Democratic Party's frontrunner. As president, he can turn the war on terrorism - and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan - into another Vietnam. He and a majority of Democrats are already turning their backs on our military, withholding support and sending the message to the world that the American people are not behind their troops. Kenneth Hardy Woonsocket, R.I.
      Your editorial aptly describes the Democratic Party's problem: It lacks principle in the face of adversity. Kerry's participation in - and subsequent opposition to -the Vietnam War mirrors his flip-flopping record on Iraq. Such vacillation is not what we're looking for in a leader. Richard Reay The Bronx
      Sen. Ted Kennedy recently spoke about Kerry's heroism in saving a shipmate in Vietnam. No doubt he was trying to present a comparison with John F. Kennedy - the last Democrat from Massachusetts to get elected to the White House. If only John F. Kerry's political beliefs matched those of the other J.F.K., we might have a real candidate. President Kennedy was a hawk on the military and a tax-cutter. Unfortunately, his kind does not exist in the Democratic Party anymore. Jon Pally Staten Island
      Enough already. All these Democratic candidates do is complain about the president. I have not heard one positive thing that they would do to create a change. It's always the same old story: They will create jobs, provide health insurance for all, fix the education system and return America to "the people." Wake me when it's over. Mike Mignone Dingmans Ferry, Pa

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