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Field of Dreams Today - Tuesday June 12, 2007

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  • Let's Roll - JHG
    America s Email ...... Republicans believe EVERY Day is the 4th of July...Democrats believe EVERY Day is April 15th - Ronald Reagan ..WELCOME To Field of
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      "America's Email"......"Republicans believe EVERY Day is the 4th of July...Democrats believe EVERY Day is April 15th" - Ronald Reagan ..WELCOME To "Field of Dreams Today"....Finally back from our Memorial Day break.....I had to write today..I got the attached email today and just got madder and madder...I went to the George Allen video and heard him speak today and thought that just one year ago today he was probably Virginia's Most Popular Elected Official....Headed towards relection to the Senate and the leading conservative for the GOP in 2008...Than Jim Webb violated everything he had ever said and believed and became a democrat....In the course of 5 months he had destroyed this fine man...State Delegate...Governor and Senator...For what?? What have the democarts done since they took power?? Blame EVERYTHING on President Bush.....Oh and yes Nancy Pelosi and her jet and her visit to Syria when the Commander In Chief asked her NOT to go....Harry Reid has a 19 percent
      approval rating...And is a joke as Majority leader...Many of my friends ask me why I stand with my President?? Well someone has to....This good man - who has made mistakes - is pounded by just about everyoine.....He didnt ask for 9/11 but he acted....No attacks in almost 6 years.....Does he get any credit for that? I know many of my fellow conservatives are mad at him for the new huge Prescrtiption drug plan...And the No child left behind..And on Immigration reform...To be honest I not thrilled..But he ran on all 3 along with tax cuts and faith based programs and strong conservative judges and strong on Pro Life...Unlike many politicians he has kept his word on these issues...Bill Clinton said he would NOT raise taxes..And did in his first 6 months...George Bush does stand for something..My Party does still stand for something..What do democrats stand for?? Let's think.....That's right POWER...And they destroyed a good man like George Allen and have done everything
      possible to destroy this President...My question to my democrat friends is..I can sleep at night..Can You????
      11 June 2007 | NEWSLETTER Yet another edition of the RPV Newsletter! If you have any upcoming major events (fundraisers and such) that you would like to list on the RPV Calendar, be sure to send us an e-mail at calendar@....
      Any comments or concerns? Feel free to e-mail me at svkenney@....


      Will Webb condemn Lamagna and return the money?
      By Jim Hoeft
      From Geraldine Ferraro in 1998 to Jim Webb in 2006 to Al Franken today, Lamagna has lavished over $125000 on Democratic candidates. Yet, he has political aspirations of his own. This week, the peace activist began his presidential ...
      Bearing Drift - http://bearingdrift.com/blog Victims' family members angry about being left off panel
      WDBJ7.com - Roanoke,VA,USA
      The families are demanding representation on the panel, which was appointed by Governor Tim Kaine. Panel chairman Gerald Massengill said in response today ...
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      Portsmouth National Guard unit heads to Iraq
      Daily Press - Newport News,VA,USA
      Thelma Drake, Suffolk Mayor Linda Johnson, Portsmouth Mayor James Holley and Maj. Gen. Robert Newman Jr., Virginia's adjutant general, wished the soldiers ...
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      Local Democrats proving scarce
      Culpeper Star Exponent - Culpeper,VA,USA
      Edd Houck, a Democrat, to Culpeper to speak. In addition, the Culpeper County Democratic Committee is "contemplating having roundtables/panels on issues ...
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      Help Governor Allen with Your Ideas for America!
      By Young America's Foundation
      Governor George Allen Governor and US Senator George Allen recently joined the Foundation's team as its Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar and accepted a position on the Reagan Ranch Board of Governors. As the Reagan Ranch Presidential ...
      Young America's Foundation - http://media.yaf.org/blog
      Virginia putting the squeeze on predator lenders
      By Stephen Winslow
      While the predator practices of payday lending grab the bulk of the headlines, their evil cousin continues to plot a course to devastate the financial landscape from sea to shining sea. Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell may have ...
      Conservative Viewpoints - http://stephenwinslow.wordpress.com

      Upcoming Events 14 June | New KentThe New Kent Republican Party will hold their First Annual Fundraiser with Special Guest Attorney General Bob McDonnell.
      Join us at Wallace Manor in Providence Forge for good food, good wine and good conversation.
      Cost is $25.00 per person. Call Jane Ladd to make your reservation by June 12th at 804-241-6160.
      15 June | Glen AllenLieutenant Governor Bill Bolling's 50th Birthday and 14th Annual "Burgers with Bill"
      Special Guest Former Senator George Allen
      On the Lake in Innsbrook
      4200 Innslake Drive, Glen Allen, Virginia
      Tickets: $50
      For Event Sponsorship Levels or to RSVP,
      Contact Mackenzie Smith at 804.714.5571 or mackenzie.smith@...
      20 June | FairfaxGeorge Mason Republican Women Luncheon and Meeting.
      Speaker: Jean Ann Bolling, wife of Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling
      Topic: Cervical cancer and the immunization available.
      Place: Army-Navy Country Club, Fairfax
      Time: 11:30 AM
      For reservations: Please contact Joan Jacobs at 703-978-3218 before Monday, June 18th
      21 June | Mount VernonMount Vernon Republican Women Dinner and Meeting.
      Speaker: Timothy Goeglein, White House Aide for the George W. Bush administration
      Topic: Patriotism
      Place: Mount Vernon Inn and Restaurant at George Washington's Estate and Gardens, 3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon
      Time: 6:00 pm social, 6:30 pm speaker presentation and dinner
      Cost: $35 per person
      Reservations are required and checks must be received by Monday, June 18. Contact Stephanie Roesner at info@... or call 571-334-9958.
      21 June | NorfolkAn Evening in the Garden: Fundraiser Dinner w/ Senator Nick Rerras in Norfolk Botanical Garden. "Greatest low ticket event in the Commonwealth."
      Buffet Dinner, wine/Beer & Sodas, Boat Rides, Tram Rides, Gifts, Prizes, Wonderful Company, Music, and all of the Garden you wish to visit.
      22 June | NorfolkYou are cordially invited to the Hampton Roads Leaders for Bob McDonnell Luncheon
      Friday, June 22, 2007
      11:15 a.m. Private Reception
      12:00 Noon Luncheon
      Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center at Nauticus
      One Waterside Drive, Norfolk, Virginia
      22 June | HenricoJames River RW is hosting its annual Wine and Cheese Reception the evening of Friday, June 22, at the home of Gov. and Mrs. Jim Gilmore. Contact Leesa Hagan at mlhagan@... for information.
      23 June | CliftonTim Hugo's 2007 Campaign Kickoff!
      Please join Delegate Tim Hugo
      Saturday, June 23, 2007
      Clifton Town Hall
      12641 Chapel Road
      Clifton, Virginia 20124
      $10 Per Family (children are welcome!)
      Food and Drinks will be provided!
      For more information and to RSVP, please contact George Faatz @ 703.569.1201 or George@...
      26 June | New Kent“A Night with the Ponies” Reception w/ Delegate Chris Peace
      Colonial Downs
      10515 Colonial Downs Parkway
      New Kent, VA 23124
      Tuesday, June 26, 2007, 5:00 PM
      For more information contact Julie Coggsdale @ 804-730-3737 or julie@...
      04 July | Hampton RoadsAnnual American Flag Distribution in 6th Senate District. (40,000) flags to be distributed.
      Contact senator@... for more information
      28 July | RoanoakeRoanoke County GOP Shrimp Fest July 28.
      Vinton Senior Center, 6pm. $20 per person.
      For info contact Trixie at gopgirl2@... or call 540-890-6519
      Special Guest: Ed Gillespie

      Paid for and authorized by
      The Republican Party of Virginia
      115 East Grace Street | Richmond, VA 23219
      804.780.0111 | info@...

      What's Your Field of Dreams Today? That was my Field..Be Safe..Be Strong and NEVER let go..."Sic Semper Tyrannis"..Let's Roll!!

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