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2146Condi Rice & Alex Salmond spoke business, Edinburgh, July 19th

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  • Peter Dow
    Nov 7, 2013
      From the For Freedom Forums for bravehearted debate, inspired by Scots, open to all

      Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivers a speech during the Doosan Global Business Forum in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 19th 2013. Seated right, First Minster of Scotland, Alex Salmond MSP.

      Bobcat wrote: World-Renowned Scholars Present Future Outlook for Global Economy, Urbanization, Innovative ICT Convergence

      At the 2nd Doosan Global Business Forum held in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 19 (local time), global political leaders, scholars, and CEOs of global enterprises gathered together to review the global economy and diagnose a range of geopolitical issues.

      The invited speakers included First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Professor Paul Krugman of Princeton University, Professor Tyler Cowen of George Mason University and author of The Great Recession, Steven Koonin, Director of NYU Center for Urban Science & Progress (former Under Secretary of Energy with the Obama Administration). Also distinguished guests including CEOs of several global infrastructure and machinery enterprises from United States, UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, UAE, and many other places attended the event.

      The forum was a rare occasion that brought together opinion leaders from diverse fields, who otherwise have few chances to get together, in Edinburgh, the venue of The Open Championship (The British Open), of which Doosan is a title sponsor.

      In his welcome and closing remarks, Chairman Park said, “We are still facing an environment of poor predictability, so our future will be determined by how we cope with this challenging environment, which hinders companies from making sustainable growth.” He added, “Integrating the trend of innovative ICT convergence with the traditional machinery and infrastructure industry will generate new business opportunities.” In her special remarks that followed congratulatory remarks by First Minister Salmond, former U.S. Secretary of State Rice offered her diagnosis of the international political situation and various geopolitical issues.

      Peter Dow comments

      As a Scot I would like to say a very special thank you very much Condoleezza Rice for visiting Scotland and for speaking in Edinburgh. As the words of the song go "Better loved ye canna be".

      7/7 London bombs outrage Condi Rice (YouTube)

      So that's twice Condi has visited Scotland this year (earlier she played golf at Carnoustie, Scotland, at the end of June) that I only found out about after the fact and so I was unable to greet her at the venue for her visit personally or at least make an effort to be there to wave to her or some such.

      So I do regret both those missed opportunities to welcome Condi to Scotland personally. I suspect that Condi may still be taking security precautions by not announcing her travelling schedule in advance. So I understand "why" but I'm slightly sad if things have to be managed that way.

      I see from the photograph that Condi was speaking to her audience in Edinburgh seated around a somewhat Arthurian round table. It doesn't look like Condi brought Excalibur with her this time though. 
      *;) winking 

      So Alex Salmond, "a Knight of the Round Table"? 
      *:-? thinking 

      I think the wee fatso would need a wide-fitting suit of armour and I doubt he could move very far in it. He's not exactly "fit for purpose" to be a knight in shining armour. So no, I don't think so.

      As a bravehearted Scottish republican, fighting for my personal and national freedom against the cruel anti-Scottish kingdom with its imposed monarch, the "Qunt" (the Cunt Queen Elizabeth), I have mixed feelings looking at this picture of Condoleezza Rice, the greatest world republican leader of our age, whom I revere, photographed together with Alex Salmond, the Qunt's First Minister here in Scotland, whom I detest.

      Conflicted as I am, looking at this photo, it does nevertheless occur to me to recommend most highly Condoleezza Rice to my fellow Scots and our friends world-wide if and when we are looking for someone to preside between Scottish royalists and republicans (not often the best of friends).

      If peace and maybe even civility between the two Scottish constitutional traditions or trends - royalists and republicans alike - was desired, Scots could find no-one better to keep that peace than Condoleezza Rice, in my opinion.

      I have followed and supported the political life of Condoleezza Rice for many years and I have come to the conclusion that Condi would make an excellent president of the USA but if not there then president of Scotland, Britain, Europe, the English-speaking Commonwealth or of the entire world!

      Perhaps, merely being the president of a small country like Scotland may not be a big enough job, nor a well enough paid job for Condi to do full time but I'd certainly welcome any input into Scottish politics she can find time for in her busy schedule as a world leader.

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