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2136Stand up for religious liberty

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  • Pete Knoll
    Mar 12, 2013
      Several conservative members of the US House of Representatives have introduced new legislation that will protect Americans' First Amendment rights and put an end to the Obama Administration's assault on religious liberty.

      It is called the Health Care Conscience Rights Act (HCCRA), and it would give full exemption from the Obamacare mandate to provide abortions and abortion related drugs in health care coverage, as well as protect individuals and health care entities that refuse to provide, pay for or refer patients to abortion providers because of their religious beliefs.

      In other words, it will prevent the violation of our right to religious conscience and to live our faith in our daily lives.

      Since these mandates have been put in place, businesses all across our country are facing millions of dollars in fines unless they agree to pay for abortion-inducing drugs.

      Will you take this opportunity to speak out in defense of religious liberty?

      Sign the Christian Coalition's Stand Up for Liberty petition today!


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