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2128Diane Sawyer of ABC World News is a royalist & traitor to the USA

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  • Peter Dow
    Jan 21, 2013
      How did I know?

      Diane Sawyer of ABC World News - royalist & traitor to the republic
      Today of all days, on the day of the US presidential inauguration ceremony, how did I manage to guess that Diane Sawyer of ABC World News would be tempted to run a story in support of the UK royals?
      Here are the tweets I sent while watching ABC World News re-broadcast on BBC News.
      Special edition of ABC World News for the presidential inauguration ceremony! Does this mean Diane WON'T mention the UK royals? #BBCnews
      Go on Diane we know where your true loyalties lie you royalist bitch! #BBCnews
      What's the matter Diane - dontcha just love that royal pregnancy you half-wit cunt. #BBCnews

      Then Diane Sawyer read a story about Prince Harry coming back from Afghanistan. Diane did not even mention never mind give equal prominence to all those brave American soldiers who risked more and gave more in Afghanistan than Prince Harry ever did.
      Then I tweeted
      As I predicted EVIL ROYALIST Diane Sawyer did not get through #ABCWorldNews without mentioning a UK royal - Prince Harry. #BBCnews #SKYnews
      Diane Sawyer of #ABCWorldNews - you don't KNOW what it is to be an American - your nose is so far up UK royals' ASSES. Traitor! #BBCnews

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