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The Myerson Manifesto

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  • Adam Myerson
    Organizers, In thinking about the state of cross currently, I remembered the original mission statement I wrote on our behalf on January 2002, not long after
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      In thinking about the state of 'cross currently, I remembered the original
      mission statement I wrote on our behalf on January 2002, not long after what
      I believe was the first organizers' meeting I arranged at nationals.

      I'm pasting it in here unedited, for your humor and your information. Many
      of these concerns have been addressed, some are no longer relevant, some
      still have yet to be achieved. We've come a long way, but there's a long way
      yet to go.


      List of Concerns for the Future of US Cyclo-Cross

      January 13, 2002

      1. A full and complete US national cyclo-cross team to compete at the world
      championships, including full funding for riders who meet the qualification
      requirements, and unfunded coaches' selections for the remaining spots.

      2. Establishment of a National Racing Calendar for cyclo-cross.

      We believe the most simple solution is to set the standard for the national
      calendar series at UCI status. If a race can meet UCI status then it should
      be considered in the calendar. It then becomes necessary for USAC and the
      chief official to see that the UCI standards are met. This would guarantee
      a minimum level of quality including scoring, officials, results, and prize
      lists, based on a format already existing. If the calendar becomes too
      crowded with UCI events then priority could be given to the higher ranked
      events. Ideally, there should be one national racing calendar event
      somewhere in the country each weekend, beginning the first weekend in

      To further insure the quality of these event and that UCI guidelines are
      understood and being followed, we propose a USAC cyclo-cross organizers
      manual or technical guide, and continued education of officials and

      It's important that there be no additional fee required to be part of the
      NCS, since we're looking for more representation and support from USAC for
      what we currently spend, not more costs.

      The NRC should be for Elite Men and Elite Women, but could also include U23
      men and junior men. We believe it's not in the best interest of the quality
      of racing to include a teams standing, as the emphasis should be on the

      The full cyclo-cross season should be considered to start the first weekend
      of September and end the last weekend of February. NRC races should begin in
      October. To promote the extension of the season, warmer climates should be
      encouraged to organize their bigger events in January.

      Potential Season/ Known races:

      October 5
      October 6 Auburn, ME, Downeast Cyclo-Cross Classic ,UCI Cat.
      3, John Grenier/Tom Stevens , 207-784-7576/ 207-284-7459, JRGBIKE@.../
      October 12 Boston SuperCup
      October 13 Gloucester, MA, ECV Cyclocross, UCI Cat. 3, Paul
      Boudreau, 978-744-0248, paul@...
      October 19
      October 20 Wilmington, DE, Monkey Hill, UCI Cat. 2, Andrew
      October 26 Amherst, MA, Amherst International, UCI Cat. 3, Adam
      Hodges Myerson, 413.587.3133, adam@...
      October 27
      November 2 Denver/Boulder, CO, Glen Light
      November 3 Boulder, CO, Boulder Cyclocross, UCI Cat 3, Brian
      Hudlinski , 303 440-4824, bhlud@...
      November 9 Lancaster, PA, Saturn of Central PA Cyclo-Cross, UCI
      Cat. 2, Bill Laudien, 717-892-1048, laudien@...
      November 10 Seattle, WA, UCI Cat. 3, Pat Benson, phone 206.406.0396,
      November 16 Chicago SuperCup
      November 23 Columbus, OH, Tym Tyler
      November 24 Columbus, OH, Tym Tyler
      November 30 Wayland, MA, BostonCross, UCI Cat. 3, Mark Abramson
      December 1
      December 7
      December 8 Merrimack, NH, American Express Financial Advisors
      Cyclo-Cross, UCI Cat 3, Tim Lucia, (603) 345-8860, timlucia@...
      December 14 Nationals
      December 15 Nationals
      December 21
      December 22
      December 28
      December 29
      January 4
      January 5 Cary, N. Carolina, UCI Cat3, Timothy Hopkin/Marcus Jones,
      (828) 697-4884 w (TH)/ (910) 944-7621 w (MJ), tkhopkin@...
      January 11
      January 12
      January 18
      January 19
      January 25
      January 26

      3. Minimum standards for entry to the elite national championships.
      4. Creation of a rankings system for cyclo-cross, or the recognition of
      UScrossrankings.com as the US rankings system.

      We see three levels of rankings or standings that should exist: the NRC
      standings, which would include all national racing calendar events, the
      SuperCup, which is a separate series who's races are part of the NCS but at
      the same time stands alone as privately run promotion, and a rider ranking
      system like uscrossrankings.com, that considers and weights events all
      across the country and at all levels.

      The UCI points system for cyclo-cross can be used as the model for awarding
      points in the NRC.

      5. Standard set of rules, based on current UCI cyclo-cross rules.

      6. Well-trained officials, knowledgeable in cyclo-cross rules and race

      7. A national championship date in line with the rest of the world, and
      announced at least one year in advance.

      In continuing discussion on this topic, our position on this issue has
      changed, but the rationale behind it has not. We still believe that we need
      to be in line with the rest of the world to be taken seriously as a
      cyclo-cross nation. However, we also believe that Nationals in mid-December
      is actually the best date for the event, and that we should be lobbying the
      UCI to move the date forward for the rest of the world.

      December is ideal from a sponsorship and marketing standpoint. It gives
      elite riders the opportunity to have a break after nationals and prepare
      properly for the world championships. It allows colder climates to end their
      seasons at Christmas, but will hopefully still encourage warmer regions with
      growing cyclo-cross scenes like North Carolina and Texas to host big events
      in January and February to showcase the new national champions.

      The site for nationals will be chosen by May 1 in 2002 (for January, 2003),
      and then chosen and announced at the national championships 1 year in
      advance thereafter. This is in order to give promoters time to acquire
      necessary sponsorship and organization, and for riders to plan their season
      and travel accordingly.

      8. A national cyclo-cross coach/director/coordinator.

      9. Cyclo-Cross rider categories.

      10. We also believe that is high time the UCI institutes a UCI ranking for
      women, and raises it's prize money minimums for that category.

      We believe that the USAC should work with promoters to change the sport
      worldwide, not just in the US. Currently, Elite Womens' cyclo-cross in the
      US is at as high if not a higher level then the men. We would like to see
      the UCI recognize this and support womens' racing in general by keeping a
      UCI cyclo-cross ranking for women, and raising the prize money requirements
      to at least 1/2 that of the Elite men, and at a higher level than what's
      required for U23 men.

      These minimums should be an additional requirement to be considered for NRC
      status for US events.

      If these services can't be provided within the USCF, then it should be done
      through a separate US cyclo-cross association under the USAC umbrella. If
      that's not possible, then it will be done under a new organization dedicated
      only to cyclo-cross, independent of the USCF and USAC.

      We expect funding for the World Championships team to be in place for 2002
      in Zolder, and the remaining items to be in place in time for the start of
      the 2002/03 cyclo-cross season beginning in September.

      Generally, we would like to see the revenue generated in the fall and winter
      months through cyclo-cross invested back into cyclo-cross through the
      support of these points, as well as additional investment from USAC in order
      to continue to grow, develop, and support cyclo-cross on all levels.

      We will begin putting the infrastructure in place now to promote and insure
      our events for the 2002/3 cyclo-cross season independent of USAC, so that if
      the changes we require are not acted on, our departure will be swift and

      Recognize that our first choice is to do this within USAC and part of the
      current organization, and we are willing and able to discuss all points and
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