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Fw: cross this year

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  • Mike Hebe
    I apologize to all who are receiving this message twice. Please read below in regards to the UCI race I am promoting on November 6th. Thanks, Mike Hebe ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2004
      I apologize to all who are receiving this message twice.
      Please read below in regards to the UCI race I am promoting on November 6th.
      Mike Hebe

      Fellow Promoters,
      The UCI cross event I am promoting on November 6th, the Lower Allen Classic will NOT be a Cat 1 event. It will be run as a Cat 2 event, as I initially applied for with the UCI. Due to the financial burden of being a one-man show and what my sponsor goals are in regards to what will be their best return on investment, it does not make sense for me to follow along with the upgraded race classification from the UCI.
      I have had email communication, since July, with Matt Murphy from USA cycling & Peter Van den Abelee of the UCI expressing my concerns over the bump from Cat 2 to Cat 1. I thought I could pull it off, but the financial risk is more than I want to take on as a sole promoter.
      I just wanted to get the info out to everyone with at least two months notice. If anyone has any concerns or questions about my decision please feel free to email me one-off & I will adress you that way.
      Shawn Farrell, could you make the change in the US cross schedule, so that there will be no racers who are misinformed.
      Thank you everyone for your understanding.
      Mike Hebe
      Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 3:02 PM
      Subject: cross this year

      Hi everyone, please find enclosed a calendar of the UCI cross races this year. This was right off the UCI website. Please confirm that the dates are correct. The UCI assigned the chief commissaires for the C1 races. The USAC Technical Commission will assign the chiefs for the C2 races, but we would like to have as much input from the organizers and the regional coordinators as possible. Be aware that UCI rules require a UCI International Commissaire with a cyclocross title be assigned. However, that is not always practicable. In some cases our next choice would be a UCI international commissaire titled in road, track, or MTB but not cyclocross. As a last resort, we would consider a National Commissaire with lots of experience at UCI cross. We will take your budget and personal preferences into account and weigh them against the desire to meet the UCI requirements. The sooner you put in your two cents, the better. Thanks.



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