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RE: [USAICO] 17-18 only UCI races

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  • Tom McDaniel
    If only one or two jr s show up for the UCI 17 to 18 class will their points be counted (ie is there a minium field size?) How would we amend our permits to
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      If only one or two jr’s show up for the UCI 17 to 18 class will their points be counted (ie is there a minium field size?)



      How would we amend our permits to add a 17-18 UCI class?  


      What would be the license requiments?




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      There is a new ranking for next season for the 17-18 juniors, where they are
      able to score UCI points, and their ranking will be used to stage events.
      This is fairly crucial for our international juniors when they compete at
      World Cups and World Championships.

      We have avoided doing UCI junior races in the past, because it required the
      17-18's to have their own start slot and not share the course with any other
      classes. We've always felt that it was better race if it was a 16-18
      category, and we've seen that has been true over the past few years. Now it
      might come at the expense of a small handful of our top 17-18 riders.

      My question here is whether any of you would consider running a dedicated
      17-18 class at your event. I think for many organizers, it's nearly
      impossible. There are simply not enough hours in the day to add another
      start, and the turnouts are so large in some of the B and C classes that it
      would be financially disastrous to cut them to make room for 20 juniors.

      However, some of you may have the sponsorship dollars to afford a move like
      that, or perhaps don't have the huge turnouts in your lower categories and
      are still able to combine those classes to make room for the juniors.
      Further, for those who could pull it off, it would certainly add another
      draw or possibility for marketing, as many of the top juniors would
      prioritize those races with separate starts.

      There are other downsides, of course. The US is a big country, and the last
      thing we wanted to see was a points chase for rich kids flying around
      collecting UCI points like pros. That may be inevitable to a degree, but
      it's unfortunate.

      Marc, Geoff, and I have been discussing this at length, and we think the
      first step is simply polling the organizers and see who might be interested.
      From there, I'm willing to go back to the UCI and see if it's possible to
      add the Junior race to your inscription still at this late date. I think
      it's a compromise they should be willing to make, considering the new points
      systems was only proposed in February, and ratified recently.

      Reply to the list for discussion, or to me directly simply to express your


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