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  • Tom McDaniel
    This is what Shawn Farrell sent out today ............................................................................ ............ Dear CX chiefs, please
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 26, 2006
      This is what Shawn Farrell sent out today


      Dear CX chiefs, please download the current UCI CX regs. They have made lots
      of changes (lots of red to read). Here are the most important:

      Note that junior women ride with elite women. Junior men must ride alone.
      The masters eligibility has changed significantly. This may be of interest
      to masters at the event. If a master rides in elite and does well enough to
      crack the top 200 or top 100 for a woman, he or she just nuked their
      eligibility for masters worlds.

      Any rider that was on a UCI trade team in 2006 is ineligible for masters

      Note last line. If any of our C1 races do not have 10 foreigners from 5
      different nationalities, they will lose their C1 status next year.

      This may be relevant to organizers for next year.

      A big one for commissaires. In the past, if there was a false start, the
      provoking rider was DQ'd but you never saw a restart. This makes it clear
      that the event will be restarted. Another good reason to make sure nobody
      can false start. Keep the gun out of the hand of honorary starters!

      Big change to the UCI classification. It is only a rider's best 5 or 6
      results that count. This will impact a rider's willingness to go chase

      In case you had any doubt as to who has to send in results. Please continue
      to send them to me as well. Last weekend I had to fix results significantly
      from one of the races. The other was fine.

      The last page gives a whole new points table. Feel free to peruse it, but
      there is no need to try to include points with the results. Some of the
      organizers, especially those in New England like to do that, but the UCI
      ranking people will figure out what the correct points are. They do not need
      to be shown on the results you submit. The table is useful to you as
      commissaires so that you know how many places are paying. That way you can
      make double sure all those UCI codes are correct and within the right age
      ranges. Please check those before submitting. It looks real bad when you
      send results to the UCI with a UCI code that cannot be correct because it
      has too few digits, too many digits, or a month with a designation higher
      than 12. Also, check the age range carefully.

      UCI age question - It recently came to my attention that last year there
      were some junior girls under the age of 17 who appear in the UCI elite women
      classification. I have received several calls from upset parents about this
      as their daughters were not allowed to compete. What can we say? Some
      commissaires do not do their jobs very well and some rankings people do not
      screen the rankings very well. No rider with a racing age under 17 should
      ever be on the start line for a UCI event. They should never appear in the
      results. For women's races, it is fine to have 17-18 women mixed with
      elites. Form elite men, there should be no junior men mixed in there. Few to
      none of our organizers have put a junior race on the UCI calendar this year.
      There will probably be a junior domestic race, but not a UCI one. Please
      keep the junior men out of the UCI elite race.

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