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GP's UCI's et all.

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  • myles romanow
    Hey Adam... I ve been reading the threads with great interest...(Yes, that s right...reading..)... I m am not sure what the USGP is trying to achieve with
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2005
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      Hey Adam... I've been reading the threads with great interest...(Yes, that's right...reading..)... I'm am not sure what the USGP is trying to achieve with their lack of dating, or foresight, if that is the correct word...  Or if this is just the way the whole scheduling thing is playing out, through no fault or deliberate actions of any parties..   In my own eyes, since I got to race quite a few of the larger races on this coast this year, a few things were apparent..  All the races I went to were fairly well attended, well organized, fun events.  With the exception of Gloucester's weather issues, (do weather issues count??) they all seemed to go off fairly hitchless; the point I am getting at is this...

      I don't think any of them are going away..
       Further, I don't think anyone is really going to change their dates, as there really isn't any good reason to do so.. The calender does seem to work, as Hebe pointed out.  No conflicts, good arrangement, it's a happy thing. Gloucester dudes.... It is certain that there would have been less chance of snow 2 weeks earlier due to it being warmer...But warm snow is called rain.. I agree that you would have been equally screwed regardless of the precipitation type, be it snow or rain....  But if a date "Swap" can occur with the other race with both sides in agreement..... if that cements permitting with the town of Gloucester, hey, move the dates.. Keeping the towns appeased is perhaps the most important part of this whole schtick...
      At this stage in the game, most of the UCI races have been UCI's for a few years, and the bigger races, verge series, etc, have been such for a few more..  I don't know of anyone that did a UCI this year that is NOT doing a uci next year.  Or cancelling the race entirely.  It seems to me that the USGP association should be able to figure out a few things by November...
      1- Where nationals is next year.... Since that's where the season ends.  And it also seems that the coast that gets Nats, gets 2 less GP's..  Which if you think about it, is sort of cool and "fair"..
      2- Where and When ROUGHLY they want to have the races.. Roughly means "2 west coast mid Oct, 2 east coast early Nov, etc etc etc..
      Armed with this information, and the above inferences that races that exist this year will likely exist NEXT year, they should be able to consult a calendar, find races that exist on the weekends in question, and make a phone call to the organizers, asking if they are interested in hosting a USGP event.  Low and behold, a USGP is born. 
      Does this mean that those races will be USGP's perpetually??  Realistically, that could go both ways.  Sure it would be great to get GP status.  But, let's look at Chainbiter, or Northampton as examples.. They weren't and they were really good well attended events regardless. Being a GP certainly isn't  the end all be all of cyclocross promotion.. Good events can and will exist without that status.  And if, hypothetically Gloucester is a GP for the rest of time, whatever. Good for them. It's a great venue, great town, great race, rock on. 

      Say the GP decides to shuffle the dates back and forth a bit.. (OR extend them PAST nationals to give the real elite players an extra race or two before heading to Europe..)  Just as easily there are good east coast races the week before or after where the GP's were this year.. Again, make a simple phone call.  What about people that work really really hard putting on good races that just can't seem to get into a series event at all despite their best efforts??  Hey, if you've got a UCI weekend the week BEFORE a GP in the neighborhood, that's pretty cool too.. A lot of bodies would be willing to make the trip out to do your races, and stay around for the GP's..
      What can I say. It's just my dayquil fueled 2 cents.. see you all at verge sunday.
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