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Re: UCI Cyclo-Cross events - your feedback appreciated

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  • Adam Hodges Myerson
    Hi Brian, et al. Here are my responses to your questions. ... The advantages for us are increased media attention, better field quality, and better ability to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2003
      Hi Brian, et al.

      Here are my responses to your questions.

      > What are the advantages and disadvantages of placing an event on the UCI
      > calendar? Do US events need this status to be a success?

      The advantages for us are increased media attention, better field quality,
      and better ability to attract sponsorship.

      Whether we need this to be a success depends on the goal of the event. Our
      event used to turn a profit each year until we became a UCI race, because we
      get a huge rider turnout and good entry fee revenue. The event, in that
      regard, was successful before it was UCI. However, our goal is to put on the
      biggest race possible, so we've been putting any profits back into the
      event, and in fact took a $3000 loss this year in Northampton. I have not
      been able to turn the higher profile of the event into adequate sponsorship
      revenue yet. However, I still view our event as a success, since we achieved
      all our other goals.

      In Worcester, we have a unique situation where a non-profit organization
      hires us to create the event, and covers the event's budget, while we retain
      the entry fees. Our profit there, after paying our staff, equaled our loss
      at Northampton.

      The disadvantages are the additional administrative work, rule compliance,
      and need for riders to have a UCI license in addition to their USCF license.

      > Are there any UCI requirements that are particularly difficult to meet? Are
      > they strictly enforced in your races?

      Showers/changing rooms are impossible for many venues, since most US towns
      and cities don't have the traditional European "sporthalle". Often, if the
      event is at a school, locker rooms and showers can be used. This is
      typically not strictly enforced for that reason, of if showers are provided,
      they're often not utilized by the riders, who opt to drive home before

      Finding a water source is often a problem as well.

      I also think our biggest issue is the limit of one artificial barrier per
      lap. In the Northeast, our courses are typically fast and dry grass, where
      it's difficult to create unforced runs.

      > Is the need for a UCSF licence a disincentive to participation in these
      > events?

      Not in New England, which is a strong USCF region. However, needing an
      addition UCI license is a disincentive and additional expense.

      > How crucial is the bike trade in supporting your events, or are your key
      > sponsors/supporters from outside the trade?

      Most of our sponsors are endemic.

      > Will you be in Pontchateau for the World Cyclo-Cross Championships, or
      > possibly Les Gets for the MTB, and able to attend one of our meetings?

      I will be at Pont Chateau, and plan to attend the AIOC meeting.

      Adam F. Hodges Myerson
      Cycle-Smart, Inc.
      Solutions for Cycling
      PO Box 1482
      Northampton, MA 01061
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      413.587.3133 Northampton Office
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