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RE: [USAICO] Nationals promoters' meeting

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  • Mitch Graham
    Adam, It s been confirmed that Louisville would like to host a UCI race on Saturday, October 8th. We d be interested in doing the Cincinnati race the
    Message 1 of 11 , Dec 3, 2004
         It's been confirmed that Louisville would like to host a UCI race on Saturday, October 8th.  We'd be interested in doing the Cincinnati race the following day, Sunday, October 9th.

      Tom McDaniel <ctmcdaniel@...> wrote:

      I'm waiting for some more info but for now Granogue will be the weekend
      before Gloucester.


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      From: Adam Hodges Myerson [mailto:adam@...]
      Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2004 11:52 PM
      To: USAICO
      Subject: Re: [USAICO] Nationals promoters' meeting

      Chip, YOUR DATE!

      Are you going to stay on the same date?

      on 12/2/04 11:31 PM, sovek at sovek@... wrote:

      > trust me, i'm bummed i can't make it out this year.   family, work...the
      > usual commitments must prevail, but i'll be there in spirit.
      > chip
      > -------------------------------------------
      > Adam Hodges Myerson wrote:
      >> Naturally. But I'll still find a way to mock those not in attendance as
      >> punishment.
      >> Attached are the minutes from last year's meeting, to refresh people
      >> of what
      >> the issues were a year ago, and provide and example of what you can
      >> expect.
      >> Date, Chip, date. Are you planning to stay on your date next year?
      >> Adam
      >> on 12/2/04 9:53 PM, sovek at sovek@... wrote:
      >>> adam,
      >>> for those that will not be able to make it, i'm sure you will provide a
      >>> well documented report to keep us in the loop.
      >>> chip
      >>> Cap Cross Classic
      >>> VA
      >>> ------------------------------------
      >>> Adam Hodges Myerson wrote:
      >>>> Fellow organizers,
      >>>> I'd like to get us all together again for what I'm hoping will now
      >> be an
      >>>> annual US Association of International Cyclo-Cross Organizers meeting.
      >>>> I'm happy to announce the Peter Van Den Abeele from the UCI has
      >> agreed to
      >>>> attend our meeting.
      >>>> I'm interested in hearing topics from all of you that should be on the
      >>>> agenda. What questions do you have? What feedback do you want to offer?
      >>>> I expect we'll discuss next year's schedule as well, so please come
      >>>> prepared
      >>>> with your preferred dates.
      >>>> I'd like to submit Saturday, 7-8 pm, at the race hotel, unless there
      >>>> are any
      >>>> objections or suggestions otherwise. I'll work on getting space for us.
      >>>> Looking forward to seeing all of you there.
      >>>> Adam
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      >> Subject:
      >> [USAICO] USAICO Meeting overview
      >> From:
      >> Adam Hodges Myerson <adam@...>
      >> Date:
      >> Wed, 17 Dec 2003 21:57:22 -0500
      >> To:
      >> USAICO <USAICO@yahoogroups.com>
      >> To:
      >> USAICO <USAICO@yahoogroups.com>
      >> CC:
      >> <dcowley@...>, Pat Flanagan <pflanagan@...>,
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      >> <gbisceglia@...>, Erwin Vervecken
      >> <erwin.vervecken@...>, R�gis Alexandre <cyclo-cross@...>,
      >> NECCS Promoters <neccs_promoters@yahoogroups.com>
      >> Overview of the inaugural meeting of the US Association of International
      >> Cyclo-Cross Organizers
      >> All,
      >> We had what I would consider to be a very successful meeting at
      >> albeit a late start and finish, and sleepy eyes by the time we were done.
      >> assemble a large portion of US UCI event organizers in the same room for
      >> first time was a major, historic accomplishment. I'd like to thank all of
      >> you who attended.
      >> I didn't keep meeting minutes, but I'll try to review the main points
      >> were hit upon, and directions that were chosen.
      >> Present were race organizers from CA, WA, OR, NC, UT, MA, ME, and MI, as
      >> well as "interested party" Geoff Proctor, and USAC National Events
      >> Coordinator Matt Murphy. (Matt's new assistant was present as well, and I
      >> apologize for forgetting his name.)
      >> Major Points:
      >> 1. Matt handed out the UCI calendar application for 2004. The original
      >> deadline was Dec. 15, but that has been extended to Jan. 5. To receive a
      >> copy of the application from Matt by fax, please e-mail him your fax
      >> and contact info at <mmurphy@...>. Matt is also on the USAICO
      >> e-mail list.
      >> 2. USAC permit fees must be paid according to your full prize list in
      >> Previous "arrangements" some promoters had in the past, carrying over
      >> Tara Morris, are no longer valid. This permit fee is different from your
      >> calendar fee you pay to the UCI.
      >> Schedule Issues/Philosophy:
      >> 3. It was put forth that the SuperCup raised the level of 'cross in the
      >> and broke down many of the regional, even tribal barriers that created
      >> of the negative rivalries that existed in the '80's and '90's. It was
      >> that with the new generation of riders and promoters, healthy rivalries
      >> fun, but we're committed to working together and learning from each other
      >> for the benefit of US 'cross as a whole. Destructive scene rivalry is
      >> 4. Without the SuperCup, the "middle" of the sport has been filled in and
      >> strengthened by the growth of a Cyclo-Cross National Racing Calendar,
      >> consisting of all the US UCI races. However, we still need to be moving
      >> towards a reintroduction of a "US Pro Cyclo-Cross Tour," consisting of a
      >> weekend of the biggest races in each strong 'cross region, currently the
      >> Northwest, NorCal, New England, and the Mid-Atlantic. Ideally, this would
      >> happen in 2005. Even after that, the 'cross NRC will still have value, as
      >> UCI points will continue to be a factor in worlds selection criteria, as
      >> Matt pointed out. However, a pro 'cross tour will guarantee the best
      >> from every region attending at least 6-8 races before nationals.
      >> 5. It was agreed that the development of the NRC had to take a bi-coastal
      >> approach, with the middle races (currently, Michigan, Salt Lake, and
      >> trying to fit in amongst that schedule where it makes the most sense.
      >> means the east coast and west coast first working together to make sure
      >> for riders within the respective region, there are no (or minimal)
      >> within driving distances, and that there are races every weekend. From
      >> there, each coast will come together (primarily Jim Brown representing
      >> West, and myself representing the East), and try to mitigate major
      >> if possible.
      >> With the incredibly early deadline from the UCI this year, however, this
      >> will be nearly impossible. The current situation is essentially that the
      >> east has already finalized it's schedule, leaving room for established
      >> west coast weekends (namely Seattle/Portland and Nationals), and hoping
      >> Western promoters can work around that schedule to everyone's benefit.
      >> 6. It was suggested that regions with warmer weather begin to look to
      >> organizing UCI events after nationals, in January. Generally, the season
      >> considered to begin the weekend after Labor Day and go until the weekend
      >> before Christmas. Further expansion is desired at least until the second
      >> weekend of January (the traditional national championships date), and in
      >> further years, until the last weekend of January (the weekend before the
      >> world championships).
      >> 7. A January nationals was generally agreed as desirable, with many
      >> No one was in a hurry to see it happen, yet the consensus seemed to be
      >> we would get there sooner or later, and was a necessary carrot for
      >> the season in most regions. For it to happen, a promoter needs to put in
      >> bid willing to go on that date, the "mood" of the 'cross community would
      >> evaluated, and a decision made. The pros and cons were many, we've all
      >> them before, and are too long to list here.
      >> 8. It was agreed that all the US UCI organizers would loosely join
      >> under the banner of the US Association of International Cyclo-Cross
      >> Organizers, modeled after the AIOC-Cross in Europe. The USAICO e-mail
      >> would become the primary means of communication between UCI organizers,
      >> between Matt Murphy and us. From this e-mail on, all correspondence will
      >> done there. UCI race organizers receiving this e-mail who have not joined
      >> the list should do so here: <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/USAICO/>. This
      >> group will be limited to one person per event, an organizer or president
      >> a series of events, and Matt Murphy. We would be happy to have a
      >> representative from the UCI and/or the AIOC-Cross on the list as well.
      >> 9. It was suggested that all UCI promoters should generally try to attend
      >> each other's events, but specifically the US Nationals Championships and
      >> UCI World Championships, as our two "conventions." We agreed on a yearly
      >> meeting at nationals, and all were encouraged to attend the AIOC-Cross
      >> meeting at Worlds this year, to become part of the international 'cross
      >> community.
      >> 10. The East Coast 'Cross schedule was presented:
      >> Date Race Name Location Category
      >> Oct. 16 Downeast Cyclo-Cross New Gloucester, ME 3
      >> Oct. 23 Granogue, DE 2
      >> Oct. 24 Wissahickon, PA 3
      >> Oct. 30 Central Mass Cyclo-Cross to End Homelessness Worcester, MA 2
      >> Oct. 31 ECV/Clif Bar Cyclo-Cross Gloucester, MA 2
      >> Nov. 6 Saturn Classic Harrisburg, PA 2
      >> Nov. 7 Harrisburg, PA 3
      >> Nov. 13 Chainbiter 6.0 Farmington, CT 2/3?
      >> Nov. 14 14th Cycle-Smart International Northampton, MA 2
      >> Nov. 20 Beacon Bridgeton, NJ 3
      >> Nov. 21 Highland Park, NJ 2
      >> Nov. 27 Gearworks Cyclo-Cross Sterling, MA 3
      >> Dec. 4 Reston, VA 3
      >> Dec. 4 WE Stedman Grand Prix of Cyclo-Cross S. Kingston, RI 3
      >> Dec. 5 NEBC Cyclo-Cross Merrimack, NH 3
      >> Other known dates were Jonny Sundt's race on the last weekend of
      >> Michigan on the first weekend of October, and Portland/Seattle on the
      >> weekend of October. The 2004 trade show in Vegas is on October 6-8,
      >> Wednesday-Friday.
      >> With that, the meeting was generally concluded, with a commitment to
      >> the lines of communication open and continuing to work together.
      >> I believe that every US UCI organizer is represented here, with the
      >> exception of the Reno promoter, whose e-mail has bounced in the past. If
      >> anyone knows this person and can contact him or forward this e-mail to
      >> at a better address, please do so, and CC me on it.
      >> Thank you, everyone.
      >> Adam

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