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Re: [USAICO] UCI Cyclo-cross Calendar 2013-2014--due Dec. 3

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  • paullyb@gmail.com
    Another victim of the auto reply-all feature.....sorry all. -paulB Sent from my iPad ... Another victim of the auto reply-all feature.....sorry all. -paulB
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      Another victim of the auto reply-all feature.....sorry all.


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      On Nov 29, 2012, at 2:42 PM, "paullyb@..." <paullyb@...> wrote:


      Hi Micah,

      I'm working on Gloucester paperwork and have a comment and a question:

      - FYI I'll be downgrading to a C2 this year. 
      - I need to submit a Series application for the Shimano New England Pro Cyclocross Series. How do I go about this? Is there a form?


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      On Nov 2, 2012, at 6:34 PM, "Rice, Micah" <mrice@...> wrote:


      Greetings Cyclo-cross Race Directors:


      And yes—it is that time of year again!


      All of you that ran a UCI Cyclocross race in the 2012/2013 season should have gotten an email this last week directly from the UCI with your information packet.  If you did NOT receive that message, please let me know right away.


      We are going to ask for a bit more information this year about your event so we have a better understanding of the events out there.   I have attached a short Word document for each of you to fill out and we are also asking you a few more items.


      Here is the basic plan for inscripting your event with the UCI for the 2013/2014 season:

      1.       Please remember—if your event has NOT been on the UCI calendar within the last few years then you can NOT apply for UCI status for 2013-2014.  The only exception to this is if you were on the USA Cycling National Calendar this season.  If you did not have a UCI event this season, there is a new blank application attached.  If you DID have a UCI event this season, please use the form that the UCI sent you directly.

      2.       You should be able to fill out the inscription form that the UCI sent you on your event.  Please note any changes to the name or dates of your event.  There should be one inscription form for each day of racing.  This must be emailed to me after you complete the PDF “fillable form”.

      3.       Attached is the “pre-calendar” that the UCI has made up.  Basically, this places your existing event on a similar weekend for next year.  You don’t HAVE to pick this date—this is just the UCI’s suggestion to keep a similar calendar.  I have also attached the information letter given to us by the UCI and the Financial Obligations which includes fees and minimum prize purses.

      4.       Please note the prize requirements and fee requirements for UCI events (attached).  We are “America 1.”

      5.       Besides the inscription form, I need FIVE things from you with your submission:

      A)     The attached info sheet that I have attached to this email (this must be a hard copy with signature mailed to me with the application check)

      B)      At least one photo showing your finish line (preferably showing the event during the race with the crowd) 

      C)      Your application check ($275 for a C1 application and $175 for a C2 application per event day)

      D)     A copy of your tech guide (if it is online, an emailed link will be fine)

      E)      Any backup evidence of production value including local/regional/national marketing, PR pieces, print articles, etc.

      6.       Please send all of this to me by December 3 2012.  I have to have all of this in by the 15th, so this will give me a couple of weeks to work on it and talk through any issues we have with all of you.

      7.       The UCI will NOT award a C1 event on top of a World Cup.  I am waiting on a finalized schedule of World Cup events and I will forward it as soon as I get it.  I can probably guess where they are by looking at the attached calendar and seeing where they allowed C1 races, but guessing is never a good idea when it comes to the UCI.

      8.       Please note—if you are hosting a UCI event next season we expect you to be at the Cyclocross Race Director Summit next spring.  We had some good discussion last year in Louisville and this next year we will host our summit in conjunction with a Race Director Certification class in Colorado Springs.  Each even MUST send at least one representative to this summit.  If you want to start throwing out dates that are good or bad feel free.

      9.       One more note—our committee meetings were earlier this week here in Colorado Springs.  Brook Watts and Joan Hanscom are your race director elected members and we had some great discussion on how to raise the bar.  One thing we will be working on is a checklist for each level of event—C1, C2 and National Calendar.  This should make it clearer on what we expect from each level of event.


      Also, if you are asking to host a C1 event, we would like to know more about your marketing reach, PR plan, and local/regional/national media.  Please send us what you feel represents your event well.


      I understand a number of you have been working amongst yourselves to create next year’s calendar.  That is great—it is always good to have those discussions as early as possible and work out any conflicts early in the process instead of me scrambling last minute to try to please everyone.  If you are one of the race directors that has been a part of that—thank you very much!




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