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  • Myles Romanow
    Hello all, I was unaware that I was supposed to weigh in on my thoughts regarding conflicts moving forward. Currently, it would appear that the big conflict
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2010
      Hello all, I was unaware that I was supposed to weigh in on my thoughts regarding conflicts moving forward.  

      Currently, it would appear that the big conflict issue potentially is between the USGP wanting to move to colorado on the same date as the Providence Cyclocross Festival currently has.  It's an interesting quandry, since USAC is not supposed to be in the business of "date protection", and previously these disputes have been settled by promoters themselves.  And with the UCI's new push to protecting Category 1 races, and wc/c1 day before conflicts it's really a mess.  

      Unless the rules have been rewritten again, I thought they read "no category one races the same day before or after a world cup, unless granted specifically by the UCI.."  Or words to that effect.  Which to me would mean, that someone wishing to do a category one race the same day as a world cup would have to ask the UCI for permission.   This of course caused me to reflect some more on that.  

      Could someone get an exemption from the UCI to have a c1 race the day before a world cup?  It would seem possible.  If so, then whom?  I would say that if  the group that currently has an accepted bid in for the world championships can't, then likely no one can.  And I would guess that since that group puts on really well run well promoted races, the odds would be pretty good.  Especially with USAC's blessing (which I assume they would grant in the interest of schedule continuity etc etc).   

      I would also likely believe that since coverage of world cups in this country, is likely secondary to attention received by a USGP, that there would be no real publicity loss by this action.  And, if "growing the sport" and "staying green" were truly the interests at stake, providing racers unwilling/unable to fly all the way to europe a continental alternative would be excellent options, and likely very well received by said racers.  

      I then also thought, that if growing the sport was the plan, holding a race while (potentially) TJ, Powers, RT, and the three other elite men that form the national team's inclusion into a cross world cup, that would provide an incredible opportunity for an emerging athlete to shine through on what is potentially this nations biggest stage.  That would be a media field day.... I mean think of it, if the next jamey driscoll popped out of nowhere and crushed a USGP.. that would be huge.  

      I then also thought, that all of that good stuff would still occur even if the races were category two events.  Especially since likely 90% of all the racers at those events don't really care about how many UCI points they get, and are after the cash money aspect of it all.. Pony up and put out a c1 level prize list, and you would be so golden it wouldn't even be funny.   

      There is also the publicity coup that would be had by saying "in the interest of national unity" or some such malarky we are having our race here now etc etc etc..  Less travel, less money, continuity... It really makes a lot of sense to keep things as they are.  OR even move a colorado race to a really late date in December or even early january, where there are no conflicts, and that would provide racers with one last big square off prior to nationals.    Just my thoughts. 

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