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660Re: [USAICO]2008-9 Schedule

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  • myles romanow
    Nov 6, 2007
      murmurmurmurmur.  Is a world cup happening or what?  Will it be another suspensfull spring for Myles?

      -Advantage of doing a CC early... Lots of points SOON.  A top rider could conceivably win, move to Belgium, and start front row for a while.. it's 150 pts to win.. Assuming the wint he following days race, or at least place well, that's bookoo points.  Good advantage to Americas racers. 
      -Advantage to doing it late...calendar non conflict?
      -Disadvantage-turnout.  No one would go past nationals.. or woudl they?

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      From: Adam Myerson <adam@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 3:36:41 PM
      Subject: Re: [USAICO]2008-9 Schedule

      Per the UCI pre-calendar that came in the inscription packet, the first
      World Cup, wherever it ends up being, is scheduled for October 5, 2008. Your

      on 11/6/07 3:23 PM, myles romanow at bikeguy11968@ yahoo.com wrote:

      > I have two thoughts on this one.
      > First, isn't the weekend of the 12th Oct an alleged world cup? Again I'm a
      > little rusty with the whole calendar week issue, so I may be wrong.
      > Or is that the week of gloucester which puts the world cup the weekend of the
      > 1st...?
      > Our own events are being planned now. Currently we intend to do two races in
      > one weekend, one being a continental championship (if that all goes well), and
      > one being a C1 event. Questions are... When?
      > We enjoy being the weekend before
      any Large east coast event; it helps draw
      > left coasters to our event that hang our for a week. Possibly same deal with
      > Ohio, I know people went from here to there this year.
      > Other questions, is it smart to have such a large event so early? Should we
      > float out to later in the calendar? (and I'm posing those to the list.)
      > Realistically, our weather patterns are 80% snow free till christmas,
      > typically sunny temps 40-50's. Good parking, town access, etc. Realistically
      > it's better for us to be located later in the schedule; as a seasonal
      > community stuff is generally more available further away from labor day (but
      > we haven't had problems thus far..)
      > There is a half ironman triathlon that sucks up tonnes of infrastructure out
      > here, I have spoken with the promoter and am attempting to convince him to do
      > it the same weekend as Gloucester
      (whenever that is..). Other than that, we
      > are currently the only ones that use this section of the park, so we have free
      > reign.
      > That's what i know. As per my usual fashion, it really isn't much. Thoughts
      > ???
      > M
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      > From: Mitch Graham <mitch_biowheels@ yahoo.com>
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      > Sent: Tuesday, November 6, 2007 11:01:41 AM
      > Subject: Re: [USAICO]2008- 9 Schedule
      > We're working on a UCI triple down here in the Ohio Valley for our second
      > weekend of October 2008. If all goes to plan, it would look like
      this for:
      > Wednesday Oct 8 - Darkhorse UCI, Burlington, KY (C2)
      > Saturday Oct 11 - Java Johnny's, Middletown, OH (C2)
      > Sunday Oct 12 - BioWheels/United Dairy Farmers, Cincinnati, OH (C1)
      > Thanks,
      > Mitch Graham
      > BioWheels
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