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626Re: [USAICO] 2008-9 Schedule

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  • Adam Myerson
    Nov 6, 2007
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      My expectation is that it will stay on the 3rd weekend of December, on the


      on 11/6/07 12:42 PM, Mike Hebe at mikehebe@... wrote:

      > Will Nats be 12/13-14 weekend or 12/20-21 weekend for '08?
      > Hebe
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Adam Myerson
      > To: USAICO
      > Cc: Chris Grealish
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 9:53 AM
      > Subject: [USAICO] 2008-9 Schedule
      > Folks,
      > It's already that time. We need to start talking about next season's
      > schedule.
      > You should all have already received inscription forms from the UCI via
      > e-mail. If you haven't, please let Justin Rogers or myself know.
      > As usual, I'm hoping that for the most part, people stay on the same dates.
      > Some priorities or issues I'd like to keep in mind for next year's schedule
      > are:
      > 1. Real confirmation that there is going to be a World Cup, and that we
      > should actually plan around it.
      > 2. No major conflicts with the USGP events
      > 3. USGP goes to C1 all around next year
      > 4. Getting a continental championships with Myles in Long Island or Chris
      > Grealish in Boulder, both of whom have expressed interest.
      > 5. No geographical conflicts, especially between the Mid-Atlantic and New
      > England. I am considering geographical conflicts as 2 UCI races that are
      > driving distance from each other, 6-8 hours. As the calendar gets more full,
      > it may be down to just no conflicts within a single region.
      > 6. New growth back to the first weekend of September in colder climates
      > (Northeast), and post-nationals in warmer/milder ones (Southeast, Southwest,
      > CA, even the Northwest).
      > Personally, I want to work with Chris Grealish to try to resolve our date
      > conflict, and I'd also like to make my race 2 days next year.
      > Alright, let's hear from folks, and we'll start to assemble the initial
      > draft and work out whatever conflicts we need to.
      > Adam
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