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625RE: [USAICO] 2008-9 Schedule

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  • Rogers, Justin
    Nov 6, 2007

      We will have to request a variance from the UCI (as we do every year) but yes that is the date we are planning on.




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      As of right now I have it listed as the 11th-14th unless Justin tells me otherwise. Justin???


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      Will Nats be 12/13-14 weekend or 12/20-21 weekend for '08?



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      It's already that time. We need to start talking about next season's

      You should all have already received inscription forms from the UCI via
      e-mail. If you haven't, please let Justin Rogers or myself know.

      As usual, I'm hoping that for the most part, people stay on the same dates.
      Some priorities or issues I'd like to keep in mind for next year's schedule

      1. Real confirmation that there is going to be a World Cup, and that we
      should actually plan around it.
      2. No major conflicts with the USGP events
      3. USGP goes to C1 all around next year
      4. Getting a continental championships with Myles in Long Island or Chris
      Grealish in Boulder , both of whom have expressed interest.
      5. No geographical conflicts, especially between the Mid-Atlantic and New
      England . I am considering geographical conflicts as 2 UCI races that are
      driving distance from each other, 6-8 hours. As the calendar gets more full,
      it may be down to just no conflicts within a single region.
      6. New growth back to the first weekend of September in colder climates
      (Northeast), and post-nationals in warmer/milder ones (Southeast, Southwest,
      CA, even the Northwest).

      Personally, I want to work with Chris Grealish to try to resolve our date
      conflict, and I'd also like to make my race 2 days next year.

      Alright, let's hear from folks, and we'll start to assemble the initial
      draft and work out whatever conflicts we need to.


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