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530RE: [SPAM] [USAICO] UCI '07 calendar

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  • Jan Tanner
    Nov 1, 2006

      I am happy with this weekend date (Nov. 4, 2006) but the scheduling depends on the Verge Series.  It is also an incentive to the racers to have 2 UCI races within an hour of each other on the same weekend, near an international airport.  I would like to have a weekend that does not conflict with a GP race, as this does take the elite of the elite away from the race.


      Jan Bolland Tanner

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      Are we doing a similar thing this year with scheduling in all the UCI
      races to avoid conflict - i.e. email someone (Adam or Shawn) offsite
      who will look at all the events and arrange them with least amount of
      conflict? Any dates for Grand Prix next year yet? Does it make sense
      to just go and ask for the same weekend as this past year? How many
      new promoters are looking to UCI in '07 that folks are aware of? The
      Oct 15th date worked great for the Cincy event this year, I'd like to
      request that weekend again in the inscription.


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