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528Re: [USAICO] UCI '07 calendar

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  • Adam Myerson
    Nov 1, 2006
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      Mitch, et al,

      I expect the same process to occur as usual, and that we'll try to share as
      much information with each other as possible to create a schedule with the
      least amount of conflicts. I'll do my best to mediate and make suggestions.

      Regarding the GP, it's obvious that none of us wants to conflict with it,
      but it hurts some races more than others. A region with a good local scene
      can survive it provided the GP event is a plane ride away, but we should
      naturally avoid having two UCI races of any caliber in the same region on
      the same date, as we have in the past.

      My personal preference, and I have not talked to anyone but Paul Boudreau so
      far, would be for the GP stops to stay the same, but for the Boulder weekend
      to move up one weekend so it doesn't conflict with Farmington/Northampton.
      There's an obvious personal interest for me there, so I haven't pushed for
      that, as I think I should be willing to "suck it up" as much as anyone else.
      But many riders have complained to me about the conflict, and speaking with
      Mid-Atlantic players involved, it seems that a last weekend in October date
      that conflicted with Camp Hill or Beacon would be less of hit to those
      races, since they are not drawing national elites like
      Farmington/Northampton typically does, but more regional riders who would
      likely have stayed home regardless.

      That said, I'm in no position to tell the GP what's best for them, I haven't
      talked to them about it, and I know they have lots of considerations to
      balance, just as we all do. I put that out there only as my own uninformed
      opinion, not as any sort of directive.

      What I can tell you based on conversations I have actually had so far is
      that we generally want to keep the East Coast schedule the same, with one
      change. We want to swap the weekends of Maine and Granogue/Wissahickon, so
      that we go back to an "every other weekend" schedule between New England and
      the Mid-Atlantic. We weren't able to do that this year after the Gloucester
      date change was announced, but we're hoping we can do it this year. There
      are some conflicts at those venues we're trying to work out now.

      For you in particular, I think your date works great, and it's just a matter
      of whether you're rather conflict with Maine, or Granogue/Wissahickon. If
      that swap happens and you think Maine is less of a conflict, you might see
      if you can also move one week later to stay with Maine.

      That should get things started!


      on 11/1/06 3:01 PM, Mitch Graham at mitch_biowheels@... wrote:

      > Are we doing a similar thing this year with scheduling in all the UCI
      > races to avoid conflict - i.e. email someone (Adam or Shawn) offsite
      > who will look at all the events and arrange them with least amount of
      > conflict? Any dates for Grand Prix next year yet? Does it make sense
      > to just go and ask for the same weekend as this past year? How many
      > new promoters are looking to UCI in '07 that folks are aware of? The
      > Oct 15th date worked great for the Cincy event this year, I'd like to
      > request that weekend again in the inscription.
      > Thanks,
      > Mitch
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