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489RE: [USAICO] Keeping C1 Status

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  • kai
    Sep 27, 2006
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      All UCI cyclocross events are permitted as "A" events.  This in compliance with the rule found on page 14(a) in the 2006 USAC General Rule Book.  The rule states that National Championships and International races are Category A races.
      USAC could solve this issue by putting a check box on the Permit Application if it's a UCI event and state that it is permitted as an "A" category race regardless of the highest payout.
      Kelly Cline

      Tom Stevens <spinarts@...> wrote:
      I think that Myles was referring to the line on the competitive event permit app. that says "Highest payout for any one Category".
      That would make all the C2  cx events Category D races since the largest payout per category would be in the $1885.00 range. We would therefore have a f permit fee of $50.00 according to the Permit app..
      Tom Stevens

      3-Can something be done about the glorious "a event" status that we get lumped into for Cross?? A c2 event has a required payout of est. 2700$ usd.. Compare that to.... oh, I don't know, manhattan beach GP, or Chris Thater... We're not even on the same scale. Being charged according to our declared prize lists is fair, but being lumped into really large events simply because we have a UCI designation is a little ridiculous. Unless all that extra cash is going to some worth while cause lost to me, in which case strike #3..

      Perhaps we should discuss this offline. I am unclear on the issue. For official payments, the UCI races have always been A races. As for permitting, I am unclear how this is any different. Using your numbers, if you have a payout of $2700, you would be a C race on a one day USCF. If you are a C race, your permit fee is 7% of your total prize list. If you are a UCI race, you are an A race, and your permit fee is 7% of your total prize list. Seems to me that you pay the same permit fee whether you are a C race or an A race. Feel free to drop me and email and let me know what I missed here.

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