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486RE: [USAICO] Keeping C1 Status

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  • myles romanow
    Sep 27 9:43 AM
      Yup. Tom nailed it.. I have a tendencey to remember HALF of all the important stuff..

      It's really kind of weird.. I mean, let me attempt to get a scnenario going...
      First year we SOMEHOW snuck in with series fees.. We did 5 races that year, one UCI, all at the same venue, and someone screwed up at USAC so it got in with like nothing. 

      Next year, same deal happened. I somehow convinced them that 2 uci race constituted a series event and I forgeet how much I actually paid but it wasn't a tonne.
      This year I used the handy dandy calculation form ont he permit app, since I knew they both couldn't be series events from last year. So i found my payouts, figure it out, and sent off a cheq. Week or so later I got word that all permits were moving to A events... Then they started calling saying I owed more money..

      IF I only put on 1 c2 race.  (which was the case 3 years ago.)  First I'm looking at the UCI fees... 300$?? (I forget)
      Then I have to pay for officials.  Which for ME is like 1300$ cause there aren't any near by.  Then I give out 7% to USAC, of my 1900$ which is another 133$.. So now I've spent what could be an entire prizelist for the women's field on permitting.    I mean, yes, UCI races are expensive, and they are the pinnacle of the sport, and all that cool stuff, but freeing up capital for one to increase chick prizes, pay for infrastructure, or, shudder, turn a profit, anything USAC can do would be appreciated.  I mean, am I permitting though UCI, or USAC, or what? 

      And I know it's only like 100$.. but still.

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