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472FW: Permitting and License sales changes

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  • Adam Myerson
    Sep 3, 2006

      I don't recall this information being sent to the list. I just received it
      myself and wanted to make sure everyone saw it.

      PDF attached, text pasted below.

      August 23rd, 2006
      Organizers ofVCI Cyc1ocross events for the 2006~2007 season
      Shawn Fal1"ell,VSA Cycling Technical Director
      Permitting and Fees
      Dear Organizers, Some questions regarding permitting and fees for VCI
      cyclocross races have come up recently that I would like to help clarify.
      First, since most of you permit several races a year with us, you are used
      to the fee structure for permitting. For road events this starts with
      determining the category (A through E) of tlle race based on total prize
      list, and then there is either a flat fee or the 7% of the prize list
      depending on that category. However, apart from any prize list
      considerations, all DCI calendar events are category A by definition.
      Therefore, regardless of the prize list, your raCeSwill be permitted as A
      races, and the permit fee is 7% of the total prize list for all of the races
      that are permitted through us. Second, the VCI requires that the riders
      con1ribute 2% of their prizes to the fight against doping. This amount is
      taken from the prize list and sent to the DCI directly by the organizer.
      This leads to the question about what the actual prize list is and how it
      should be reported. To remain consistent with the other disciplines and with
      what most elite level riders are used to, you should report the total prize
      list and breakdowns before the 2% rider con1ribution is taken out. The total
      before the 2% is the actual prize list that is used to determine 1) whether
      the prize list meets the minimum required by the VCI and 2) the total prize
      list for the purpose of establishing the permit fee. If you would like to
      also publish a list of the prizes that have been adjusted to reflect the
      subtraction of the 2%, you are certainly welcome to do that as well, but it
      would be simpler to just add a footnote to the prize list that explains that
      each payout will have 2% subtracted as the riders contribution against
      doping (RCAD). I hope that clarifies the permitting and fees issues for you.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at
      719-229-0732 or sfarrell@.... Thank you.
      Shawn Farrell
      Technical Director

      Adam F. Myerson
      President, Cycle-Smart, Inc.: Solutions for Cycling
      Member, UCI Cyclo-Cross Commission
      Member, AIOC-Cross Management Committee
      Organizer, Cycle-Smart International Cyclo-Cross

      32 Ditson St., #5
      Dorchester, MA 02122
      (413) 204-3202 Mobile
      (617) 288-1460 Office
      (512) 681-7043 Fax
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